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  1. 51 minutes ago, grudlian. said:

    This really threw me off. I'll admit I wasn't paying super close attention to this but this really really felt like it came out of nowhere more so than a lot of this movie. I don't remember seeing that dog in any other scene and there's almost no other songs and it's anachronistic musical style.

    I imagine the writer or director just said "Titanic is big. Rap music is big. Snoop Dogg is big. So, rapping dog on the Titanic will be huge!"

    I think maybe he's Fritz? The mom mouse mentioned telling Fritz and I seem to remember in one of my viewings ( I plead the fifth on how many times I have seen this movie) that he had a bigger part maybe I gave us a cut up version? I know that Cinco was super kind and mentioned that there was a longer less fucked up cut? 

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  2. 13 minutes ago, Cameron H. said:

    They don’t even talk about it! Her mother just says, “I raised him the way I wish I had raised you” and no one is like, “Wait! What?”

    WHO KEEPS THEIR NANNY INTO ADULTHOOD?! What does that say about William ? Like yeah she raised you but think how weird that would be. She isn't his housekeeper. She's just his like mom figure he pays?  William is fleeing English society because they find him creepy.

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  3. 1 hour ago, Cinco DeNio said:

    I'm REALLY interested to hear how gigi-tastic first found out about this movie.


    I saw it on a date with a girl and her roommate, and her roommate's boyfriend last year. We watched this and Fateful Findings while drinking Moscow Mules and eating pizza . It was great. Cats were also involved. Honestly  perfect date. Lure me in with promises of cats , bad movies anand pizza and I'm yours. Sadly she moved to Japan and we lost touch.

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  4. On 2/29/2020 at 8:40 AM, skoll said:

    As a listener from a Canadian border state (Michigan), Molson and Labatt are ubiquitous throughout our stores, are considered domestic beers in bars and are official beers of sports teams.  It wasn't until I traveled elsewhere that I realized Molson and Labatt are not standard light beers that everyone knows about. 

    As a fellow Michigan resident I didn't realize it until this episode

  5. I feel like maybe this is a metaphor for depression or mental illness on the Meg Ryan half. Meg Ryan is clearly depressed or at least suffering from extreme anxiety. No one who is mentally well on their wedding day is going to be wishing to be an old man with most of his life past him because she "fears life". What exactly is there for Rita to fear? She has a very good life. Logically she has nothing to be scared of. I have both depression and anxiety. I get it. I often fear things that make no sense. So I can understand fearing everything going forward even though everything is ok.  However I see a therapist and I'm on medication. I would never get married if I was feeling like that. I'd be in back to back sessions and uping my Cymbalta.

    I kind of even see the "losing his wife to a stranger" as a metaphor for mental illness and a depressive episode. The people in your life do lose you. You become a stranger and in a way you "go away" .  

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  6. On 2/28/2020 at 11:23 AM, grudlian. said:

    The least realistic thing in the movie is that the guy can just start styling Meg Ryan's hair after looking at pictures of her. One can learn Alec Baldwin likes Molson or spaetzle from a diary. But I definitely wouldn't just pick up how to style hair unless it was something simple like a pony tail or a simple braid.

    What if he was a hairstylist?

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  7. 16 hours ago, Cinco DeNio said:

    This one presents it in parts.  It was probably uploaded when YouTube didn't allow videos longer than 10 minutes each.



    If we need to we can watch the shorter one? I feel like maybe I saw that one? I'm going to watch whatever I can find on YouTube today and see if the one I saw is still up. If it's that one the main movie is all there as far as I can tell. It was a year ago so it could have been taken down

  8. 12 hours ago, tomspanks said:

    What/who the hell is that eyeless thing on the top right corner?  

    Why is the man's left hand a completely different skin tone than the rest of his body?

    Is that Speedy Gonazles in the lower right corner?

    What do they mean, "the legend goes on..."?  

    So many questions!

    Trust me when I say you are going to have even more when this movie is over. You are welcome!

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  9. 10 minutes ago, Cinco DeNio said:

    I found a copy on YouTube but it's the 56-minute cut-down version.  There is an 82-minute full version as well but I am having trouble finding it.

    Here's the YouTube 56-minute one.  (The added time is credits and deleted scenes.)


    I think I just saw the one on YouTube? I don't know maybe I saw the short one? Could there be more out there for me?!?!?

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  10. 6 minutes ago, taylor anne photo said:

    Oh my god is this the one where the dog raps!?

    Cause I think I saw this stoned outta my mind in college after we found Titanic II. We went down a Titanic rabbit hole lol!

    I saw it delightfully buzzed drinking Moscow mules with a date at her house with her roommate and her roommates boyfriend. We watched this and Fateful Findings and got pizza. It was a DAY! 

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  11. I am SO excited to present you guys with one of the craziest movies I have EVER seen! 




    Jewel Theieves !

    Missing parents!

    Taking Animals!

    A fake Celine Dion song that is used so many times you will want to cut your ears off!

    AND most of all.... I truly cannot stress this enough...

    A Rapping Dog!


    so buckle up because this will be an EVENT Y'ALL!


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  12. 1 hour ago, Quasar Sniffer said:

    Agreed. And part of what kept me from sympathizing with The Kid is that his whole motivation for getting Apollonia's affections back or trying to make it up to her in some way was to help his music career. I think he knew she was talented and that she inspired him. Further, his personal feelings were dominated by jealousy because she left him for Morris, so while he may have regretted hitting her, he didn't feel the need to win her back or even want to make amends until he saw where Apollonia went after leaving him.

    The worst part is she never actively left him. She pawned her bracelet for his guitar and tells him she's thinking of making a career choice. She was always up front with him and wasn't saying she was going to be sleeping with Morris or even that she liked his music. Just that she thought it was a good job for her and she *might* take it. The Kid is SO jealous and insecure he hit her because she was talking about the possibility of taking a job. That's like your boyfriend going ape shit over you taking a job at Pizza Hut when he's a sworn Dominoes man. And it's not like he helped offer get her any work! Not even as part of his act or at the club.  In fact, of the two Morris was technically the only one to actually help her do anything.  Was he doing it because he was a creep? Yes. But does he hit women who he's seeing? No he technically has his best friend/ butler/ side kick throw them in dumpsters. Is this better? Not really but at least he kept his word? 


    You guys a man literally threw a woman in a dumpster in this film. I cannot stress that enough

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  13. If we remove the performances from the movie this is a dark story of abuse. Like we see the Kid's parents in a deeply upsetting physically abusive relationship that ends with the father shot in the head . The story shows that both The Kid and his mother will stay in the abusive situation with him. There is no hope there at the end.  We see that the Kid also has abusive traits ( the cycle repeating itself as it so often does) and has been very abusive to Alpollonia. I don't really have hope for that situation either as he never really had a true come to Jesus moment so to speak.

    There's a great book called Why Does He Do That by Lundy Bancroft. It's kind of known as the bible for abusive men. He's a counselor who has worked with countless abusive men and through his work, if willing to put in the work and acknowledge that they are abusive many of his client's have been able to become better and leave their abusive ways behind. Of course that's only possible IF the abuser acknowledges their issues and actively seeks to change.  


    so I don't think that the Kid's father is irredeemable. However I think that he doesn't have the tools to change and I don't know if he is willing to. I never got the sense that the Kid really wants to change either. It's going to be a cycle of control and jealous heated fights between him and Apollonia . He will make it up to her in some grand passionate way because he's a temperamental artist she will see it as romantic and not as a way to keep her under is control. It's going to be good for a while then he's going to go in one of his moods. Keep in mind he abuses more than just her, he's often just as cruel to his band members and we never saw him opening up as a person to them on a real level. I feel like he's going to be back to sulking and being a dick with his puppet any time now.

    I see the story we saw as their family cycle continuing. To me it looks like the only change is that we see the next generation take it on and that's bleak as fuck.

    Thank God for the music video portions

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  14. Does Apollonia own outfits that aren't cape and lingerie related or is this her main "look" for evening? I'm not saying I don't now also want a scarf cape to take from night to day ( very 80's doing day to night looks) I'm just saying perhaps give pants a chance.

    On the topic of pants and Apollonia looks I would have killed the Kid if I had to get back in an all leather outfit after being bullied into jumping in lake. I can't even get my leggings on comfortably if I'm running late and forget to let my lotion dry after a shower! Imagine the hell of getting into leather pants soaking wet! 

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  15. 9 hours ago, Quasar Sniffer said:

    I LIKE several Prince songs ("When Doves Cry" is definitely an all-time banger and I enjoy many other songs on the soundtrack), but I'm definitely not an out-and-out fan of The Purple One, so this one was difficult for me to get behind. Prince certainly has charisma as a performer, but he is NOT an actor. So seeing this guy, you know, hit his girlfriend and be a total primadonna prick to his bandmates, then have the film ask me to have sympathy for HIM? Not happening. Thankfully, the movie has a higher musical-performance-to-story-ratio than Rocky IV has montages, so that actually helps.

    Also, Prince is freqently told "you're losing it, kid" and Morris and the club owner talk about how "the kid doesn't have it anymore" right after Prince... performs a Prince song. But... it just seems like as intense and well-orchestrated a performance as any of the ones the audience sees as amazing. Are we supposed to be behind Prince in these moments, that his talent is unrecognized? If so, why do people all of the sudden think he's losing it during the middle of the film? If he really IS losing it, if his performance quality dips, how is that manifested? There is that one song that seems to be directed at Apollonia, which is pretty dickish, and he sort of storms off, which is also dickish, but it's not like the song is objectively bad or anything. Or am I wrong?

    If his performance quality WAS dipping, it would have been nice if he actually did incorporate some of the songs or song ideas his bandmates offered to try and improve the band, instead of shrugging them off like a petulant toddler told to share his action figures.

    Thank you! Literally every performance looks like the crowd is eating it up because it's  Prince but they keep going on about how he hasn't been bringing in the crowds FROM THE START OF THE MOVIE. Like right after the first night at the club which was jam packed and in love with his song the club owner ( Another person I'm fascinated by and would rather have a movie about)  and Morris are talking about how he's failing like his father before him and no one is coming to see him play. You can have Prince give an amazing performance and have a small amount of people or have the crowd not respond but you can't show us the audience loving Prince and then tell us he's bad. It's contradictory storytelling. 

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