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  1. A bit of wide-screen 80s technopop, with a touch of house. Although a bit long, the last 3rd of the track length is reverb tails; the meat of the track is about 20 seconds. If Soundcloud doesn't allow you to download it, here's a Microsoft OneDrive link directly to the track's play/download page: https://1drv.ms/u/s!...caJ9AGTMK6YDFrA Hear the track at my Soundcloud (possibly no download; see link above) Thank you. Andy
  2. andytronic

    Plugs, not hugs

    Thanks, neighbor!
  3. andytronic

    Plugs, not hugs

    It's supposed to be 90s-ish trip hop kinda. Is it too long?
  4. andytronic

    Plugs, not hugs

    Thank you for your consideration. Downloadable version available from my Onedrive link below. https://soundcloud.com/andy-lindsay/plugs-not-hugs-shorter-vers Downloadable version: https://onedrive.live.com/redir?resid=FB7BF11117811BAF!17352&authkey=!AHqblEGLFMsTATs&ithint=file%2cmp3 Download button should appear in Upper left corner. andykins