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    Episode 168.5 - Minisode 168.5

    Ok, thanks
  2. WTF?MichaelDorn

    Episode 168.5 - Minisode 168.5

    Is there an episode 169 thread
  3. I was just curious, why the live shows do not have an accompanying video podcast? It could be done with a very simple camera, so I was curious.
  4. Example: Judge Dredd was remade, because the consensus on the original is that it was bad. The remake took itself seriously, stayed within the world built and made the Villian a greater challenge to defeat. My pick: Spawn! The remake could take a realistic approach similar to the batman trilogy, dive into the villains that are more plausible (mammon); fully take advantage of an R rating.
  5. With the exception of Center Stage(I haven't seen it) I did enjoy these movies. I feel so bad for Amanda Bynes.
  6. What are your top 5, bad/odd movies. That you know are bad/odd movies and the mass public hate, but for whatever reason you love that quirky movie(s) My Top 5 (no particular order): Gattaca: love this movie, may possibly be my favorite of all time. Every time I have told someone about the greatness of this movie, they either haven't seen it or hated it with a passion. Son in Law: Someone in my family had this on VHS, I watched this movie over and over, mostly because I loved Pauly Shore. House Arrest: This one admittedly is nostalgia and I have not watched it in well over a decade and a half. I know it's Terrible, but as a child locking your parents in a basement was epic. Lol. This movie falls in the category of I will never watch it because I don't want to ruin the good memories. Delirious : After watching 'Uncle Buck' as a kid I would watch anything John Candy related, I ran into this movie and it became a favorite of my siblings and I. Encino man: Movie makes zero sense, but all the silliness of it made me laugh historically. Today my friends know me as the guy who does not enjoy comedies, but these fracked me up regularly as a kid.
  7. WTF?MichaelDorn

    Top 10-15 Movies of the Year

    I will certainly gal a look at the exam, thanks.
  8. WTF?MichaelDorn

    Equilibrium (2002)

    I love this movie! Sure it's difficult having a movie where everyone is supposed to be absent of feelings. I took it as you can never truly have a society void of feelings. Although, this is not the first time I have heard this movie compared to the matrix, I believe the two movies differ greatly. For me, this movie is on par or greater than the matrix.
  9. WTF?MichaelDorn

    Underworld: Rise of the Lycans (2009)

    I loved the original so much, that I will watch every subsequent sequel for more story.
  10. WTF?MichaelDorn

    Top 10-15 Movies of the Year

    Damn one more sci fi movie Circle, great movie, a little stereotypical at times, but great
  11. WTF?MichaelDorn

    Top 10-15 Movies of the Year

    Oh last thing, Honorable mention Time Lapse amazing sci-fi film
  12. WTF?MichaelDorn

    Top 10-15 Movies of the Year

    Overall I think 2015 was a bad year for movies, I'm very excited about 2016 and 2017 My top 10: 1.Whiplash 2.Selma 3.Sicario 4.The Martian 5.Creed 6.The Revavenant 7.It Follows (even if just for the satire, good movie) 8. Mad Max 9. Steve Jobs 10. Still Alice Mostly in order
  13. WTF?MichaelDorn

    How did you discover HDTGM?

    Haha just realized Paul is on 'The League' great show if anyone hasn't seen it. Extremely vulgar the character Ruxin is exactly like my father.
  14. WTF?MichaelDorn

    The Truman Show (1998)

    In all honesty, my favorite HDTGM episodes are movies I enjoy or somewhat enjoy; or moderately like. The ones I enjoy less are the ones that I completely disliked to the point where it was unwatchable. I am that guy, that has walked out of bad movies, fallen asleep, or in the days of rentals (is blockbuster still around?) return it early.
  15. WTF?MichaelDorn

    The Truman Show (1998)

    All great points, you've made me see the light. Lol, but can we please do 'garbage pail kids'