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    Trump Talks Tinder

    This is a shameless plug. I talk tinder with Donald Trump. It's 8 minutes, and it's worth a listen. It's available here. I think it's something worth spreading. Feedback is welcome.
  2. Hey All. We're new to the Earwolf forum, so not sure if the self-promotion thing is okay. But we're going to do it anyway. We very recently launched Cutofthejib.com and it features two main podcasts (Below). We are trying to get the word out there. You should check it out. Here are the links to the podcasts on podbean and itunes: PODBEAN itunes What's the Big Idea. A podcast where our hosts come up with the next big thing, which is usually an absurd, impossible idea, but also it could happen? Our 3 Cents. Where listeners write, tweet, and post on our FB, and we answer their questions. It's bad advice, but funny answers. Thanks! Eben Cut of the Jib