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  1. siouxcityderek

    Foamy Plugs by toolongdidntread

    Sweet!! Thanks-nong man!
  2. Hope to hear it on the show! PS- Please don't joke about iRobot this Christmas.
  3. siouxcityderek

    Episode 409 - Man Brats

    Oh, and the plugs theme is on soundcloud, if you'd like to download it.
  4. siouxcityderek

    Episode 409 - Man Brats

    Calvins Twins will always be one of my top episodes ever. For that alone, Taran and Paul will always get a full listen from me. Also, glad to see so much love for the plugs theme, because that's my band! We're called toolongdidntread and we're on bandcamp and facebook if you'd like to hear more music and/or keep tabs on us. The guitarist and I (the drummer) are huge CBB fans (bangies? cbbeauties? bangles? cinncinnatti bangles?) and the singer/bassist was like "what? okay. hey-nong? okay, sure." He's a champ. Anyways, this made our whole damn year and I'm super appreciative of the positive responses. Thanks Banglemaniacs!
  5. siouxcityderek

    Bangin' Plugs Theme

    https://soundcloud.c...c/04-plugz-tldr Submitted for the approval of the midnight society, a plugs theme by toolongdidntread. Our bassist/singer doesn't listen to the 'cast and was totally game for our dumbness. Lyrics Hey nong man, give me some plugs, plugs plugs plugs Thanks for listening, internet!