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  1. The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp
  2. alt0782

    Homework - Suspiria (1977)

    It was streaming on Amazon over the summer (at least for Prime customers), but looks like that's no longer the case.
  3. alt0782

    Homework: Top Gun (1986) vs. Minority Report (2002)

    After owning up to your mistake I think you've earned the title Forum Man.
  4. alt0782

    Episode 116 - Seconds (w/ Matt Zoller Seitz)

    Enthusiastic yes and as a man I'd like to say to Amy, I would love to look like a young Paul Newman.
  5. alt0782

    Homework - Seconds (1966)

    Oh thank god.
  6. Dolly Parton is a wonderful human being, but I could have gone along just fine never having watched either of these.
  7. Still very upset about the Australian's cat. Can't vote.
  8. alt0782

    Homework: Raising Arizona (1987)

    Woo, great film and great guest.
  9. I think just the ones that have aired to date. You might want to hold off until all 18 have aired to jump on that deal.
  10. alt0782

    Guest Suggest

    David Edelstein for Wonder Woman (*ducks*)
  11. Eraserhead?? Fuck that shit! PABST BLUE VELVET!
  12. I'm not HoldenMartinson or nickperkins, but you've still got a Homework thread. Next week Amy will be joined by Michael Nordine of Indiewire, the LA Weekly to pit Eraserhead (1977) against Blue Velvet (1986) in an all Lynch versus episode. (Hooray, Twin Peaks is back!) Here are some VOD links, apologies in advance for those of you outside of the US as these links may not be available in your region. https://www.justwatc...q=blue%20velvet https://www.justwatc...ch?q=eraserhead
  13. alt0782

    Episode 104 - Female Trouble (w/ Jake Fogelnest)

    I love John Waters and I liked Female Trouble well enough, but this was a soft yes for me. Hope it's not the last John Waters we see on The Canon.
  14. I voted for ROTK because to me it seems like a better candidate to represent the entire trilogy in the canon. To be honest, I haven't watched these films since their original theatrical run and I have zero interest in ever revisiting them. Wake me when Book of the New Sun becomes a 20 hour film series.
  15. alt0782

    Homework: Where the Sidewalk Ends (1950)

    Oh, Gene Tierney is in this.