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    Slipstream (1989)

    Ten reasons why Slipstream (1989) is perfect for this podcast: An absolutely nonsensical premise: In the future, the jet stream has descended to ground level and eroded away all civilization, forcing people to live in caves and fly planes instead of driving cars. Mark Hamill in his first role as a villain - a sadistic, angry bounty hunter/police officer(?) in a post-apocalyptic future Bob Peck (the raptor guy from Jurassic Park) as a poetic, well-dressed android on the run Robbie Coltrane (Hagrid) as the leader of a cult that worships the jet stream (it gets better, but no Spoilers) Bill Paxton's incredulous overacting as a horny, ne'er-do-well sky cowboy in what I believe to be the only possible final installment of a Twister trilogy So much budget spent on the cast that the special effects are on the level of Superman IV or Masters of the Universe. This movie could have been made by a gang of bored 12-year-olds in Montana. A convoluted history, involving producer Gary Kurtz (Star Wars and Empire Strikes Back) trying to recreate the success of his previous films, like the Dark Crystal and American Graffiti Intense biplane chases and fight sequences on top of airplanes Ben Kingsley - seriously, what in the fuck? And, if that wasn't enough, you're not going to make it out of the trailer with any reservations: I found this gem in a DVD set of about 70 public domain scifi films. I selected it randomly as the first one I watched. Oh my god, am I glad I did. This film is right up your ally, folks. p.s. Despite all the nonsense and ridiculous plot, some of the acting is truly well-done, as if they thought of this as a spiritual successor to 1982's android hit, Blade Runner. The budding villainous Mark Hamill is a delight to watch.