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  1. Bon Jon Bovi

    Hollywood Handbook Art

    HOW WOULD SIR OR MADAME LIKE THEIR EGGS? As a hastily rendered illustration hopefully. As promised, one full-colour drawing of Tom... if the only colour you own is yellow. HERE ARE YOUR EGGS! Just a wee quickie here, hopefully I'll have time to do a proper design with all three super-friends together sometime soon. Thanks all for the kindness of your words, may all your teasers remain frozen.
  2. Bon Jon Bovi

    Hollywood Handbook Art

    WAGWAN YALL!!!! Thanks for all them positive words in a positive order. I would be happy to offer up the design to Earwolf for printing, failing that I can post the full-resolution image here for people to access and do anything (legal) they like with it. I will be doing another image involving Tom 'Eggs' Scharpling soon, this time in colour, hope it goes well.
  3. Bon Jon Bovi

    Hollywood Handbook Art

    NUMBER ONE GOOD TIMES SPOT FOR ARTS AND SHIT Didn't see any clear place for artwork so I thought I'd make one. I went to Earwolf, clicked on Merch and then clicked Buy, but didn't receive anything with a picture of Sean or Hayes or Sean Hayes on it. So I decided to take mattress into my own hands, get out of bed, and make my own T-shirt design. HERE IT BE I will probably try a few more designs and would love suggestion and for others to share any HH related arts.