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  1. I picked up on that as soon as I heard the title Poop into a Wormhole. I'm kinda starting to have my doubts about this show now since this is the third EP where there's a chance he knows the caller. I very much enjoy the show but feel it might not be all it claims to be.
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    I had my doubters. They said it was all for nothing. Well to them I just gotta say EHH... Wrong! Look at me now.
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    I first started listening on December 27th, I started from the very beginning with Jake Johnson and was hooked right away. I binged every episode and just listened to the Big Apple Bible, episode 1 last Saturday completing all 124 episodes in less than three months (and have since started Reality Show Show). Some of my favorite episodes were the fan call in episode, you guys sounded like a fun community to join. I told myself once I caught i would join the forum, so here I am I hope you guys will have me.