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  1. Currently available for digital rental.
  2. nickperkins

    Hey everyone

    I'm sure whatever you decide will be best. Thank you for being you, Amy!
  3. nickperkins

    Homework: A Face in the Crowd (1957)

    Currently available for digital rental, or you can DVR it from Turner Classic Movies this week.
  4. nickperkins

    Homework: The Bad Seed (1956)

    My mother made me watch this as a youth. Still chilling. Available for digital rental, or surely at your local library.
  5. Currently streaming on Hulu and Amazon Prime. I haven't seen this movie since I was a kid. This is gonna be a fun trip back.
  6. nickperkins

    Homework: The King of Comedy (1982)

    I didn't know Scorsese and Lewis did anything together...this should be interesting. Available for digital rental. I've reserved my DVD copy at the library.
  7. nickperkins


    I'm pretty indifferent on this. I saw it for the first time a few months ago, and wish I'd seen it in the theater back when it was new and still fascinating. It just didn't work nearly as well for me in 2016 in my living room. I just know my response to the film is my issue, not the movie's.
  8. Available for digital rental, or you can DVR a surely lesser version from SyFy this week.
  9. nickperkins

    Homework: Stand by Me (1986)

    Available for digital rental. My DVR says I can record it from a channel called Ovation, so I guess there's that. I don't think I've ever seen this entire movie in one sitting before, this will be a good one to revisit in its entirety.
  10. nickperkins

    Episode #91: LABYRINTH

    I agree with a lot about what was said in the podcast. There are lots of flaws. I saw this in the theater when I was 10 and liked it fine, but had no particular nostalgia for it. Revisiting it this week, I was astonished at how much of this film still works, and the sheer brilliance of the design aesthetic. There is no way that Guillermo Del Toro wasn't inspired by all that is going on here. It's a fun fantasy film, and there is a reason that there are still raving girl fans of it 30 years on. Soft YES for me.
  11. nickperkins

    Homework: Labyrinth (1986)

    Available for digital rental, or most assuredly at your local library. I seriously can't wait to revisit this one.
  12. nickperkins

    Episode #90: PENNIES FROM HEAVEN

    I am angry that this movie exists and now I'm mad at Amy for making me sit through it. If I were to come on the podcast and try to convince someone that the 1986 animated Transformers movie was a layered, nuanced examination of good vs evil, putting on my blinders to the fact that it is objectively bad because it pushed all of my immature awesomeness buttons, I might sound something like Amy trying to defend this movie. First, this movie is an insult to musicals. Good musicals showcase the talent of the cast and the musical numbers move the plot forward. This is not anywhere near the case with this film. The actual songs used seem like afterthoughts, and we are subjected to lip-sync number after number like a bad high school talent show. At least Mama Mia respected us enough to have the actual actors sing the nonsensical numbers, and Pierce Brosnan's terrible singing is still better than the weird choice of voices that the characters in Pennies from Heaven emit. Second, at this point I am used to Amy pointing out "problematic" things in classic movies, yet in a time where we are trying to make people aware of the concept of rape culture, I don't understand how Amy glosses over a protagonist who discards and ruins the lives of two women because he is oblivious to the idea of consent and does all his thinking with his dick. He is an irredeemable monster who I'm glad was hung unfairly. Amy mentions multiple times that he fell in "love" with Bernadette Peters' character at first sight. It's kind of disturbing how obviously wanting to bone someone for his own selfish desires can be construed as love. Weird. Just an awful movie. NO NO NO. I'd rather watch Cannibal Holocaust again.
  13. nickperkins

    Homework: Pennies from Heaven (1981)

    Available for digital rental on Amazon & Vudu. I can't find it streaming anywhere else; please comment if you know of other legal sources.
  14. nickperkins

    Homework: Blazing Saddles (1974)

    Yes! Currently available for digital rental, or On Demand if you subscribe to Cinemax. Surely, also available at your local library.
  15. nickperkins

    Episode #88: A HARD DAY'S NIGHT

    This was one of those episodes that fills giant holes of ignorance in my tiny repository of wisdom. I found the movie unwatchable; the dad-joke humor, my immense indifference for all things Beatles, the re-use of the same 4-5 songs throughout. Just nope. Listening to the podcast, though, and hearing both Devin and Amy's obvious joy for the subject matter and filmmaking techniques really softened me on it. I love how they are both so adept at giving context to the period of the film and helping me appreciate how it impacted subsequent cinema. So I recognize that if I were smarter I would probably vote it into the Canon; but I'm not there yet.
  16. nickperkins

    Homework: A Hard Day's Night (1964)

    Will this be the thing that makes me finally care about the Beatles? We'll see. Available for digital rental, On Demand thru Turner Classic Movies, or (as Devin stated ) on Hulu.
  17. nickperkins

    Homework: A Hard Day's Night (1964)

    Ha, I always feel like I'm stepping on THEIR turf
  18. nickperkins

    Suggestion: The Matrix

    Watched this again today after several years. I think time has actually made this movie better. This needs to be a Canon episode!
  19. nickperkins

    Homework: The General (1926)

    Buster Keaton! Can't find this streaming anywhere (or even at my library); except it does appear to be legal on YouTube. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4E7wVDGMt5k Edit: sorry, I posted this without noticing Amy had already done so. Go comment on that thread, not this one.
  20. nickperkins


    I'm actually gonna go YES. I was introduced to this movie in the late 90s by some girls when I was in college, and the way they idolized this girl who was off the chart according to the Hot/Crazy spectrum was very off-putting. 20 years later, I can better appreciate the mask Holly wore based on her fear of not being able to marry up; when I was young, I wondered why she just didn't get a job, not understanding the context of the time period. Her performance was completely different in my eyes this time around. It's a wonderful movie. I guess my old white male privilege lets me overlook Rooney's blotch on cinema.
  21. Available for digital rental. I reserved a copy at the library. I'm not willing to pay to rent this because 20 years ago I couldn't make it more than a half hour through this film. I thought Audrey Hepburn's character just needed a good slap. Hopefully I'm more mature now and can see what I missed the first time...
  22. nickperkins

    Homework: Blood vs Boogie

    Boogie Nights (1997) - currently available for digital rental There Will Be Blood (2007) - currently streaming on Netflix and available for digital rental
  23. nickperkins

    Episode 85: BOOGIE NIGHTS vs TWBB

    There Will Be Blood is just a better film in every way. And any movie that can use the line "I'm your brother from another mother" as straight as this does deserves canonization.
  24. nickperkins

    Homework: Re-Animator (1985)

    Currently streaming on Netflix! Also available for digital rental. I have literally never even heard of this before.
  25. nickperkins

    Homework: Blood vs Boogie

    I'm not saying "I drink your milkshake" is the greatest line ever written, but I'm not NOT saying it.