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  1. Is anyone going to watch both of these before the next podcast? The idea alone is giving me anxiety. I like the trilogy fine, but I haven't revisited it since I watched RotK in theaters (skipped The Hobbit ones altogether).

    Not going to have time this week but, every year around Christmas I watch the entire extended version of the trilogy in one day. It's one of my favorite Christmas traditions

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    It is interesting, but I'm not sure the comparison is apt since, unlike Rhodes, Trump makes no attempt to hide his contempt for anyone. A few years ago, I can remember thinking Sarah Palin was a good modern-day analogue, though she's (thankfully) no longer a force in American politics.

    It's not a perfect 1:1 comparison but I think there are parallels that are hard to ignore


  3. So after our screening tonight there was a post-film discussion with a local TV news reporter and the editor of a local newspaper. One of the few Trump supporters in the audience got super offended after they started comparing Lonesome Rhodes to Trump and walked out so that was interesting

  4. Trying to stay away from things that have already been mentioned:

    Hoop Dreams

    One Day in September



    The Hidden Fortress

    Sullivan's Travels

    The Palm Beach Story

    It Happened One Night

    White Christmas

    Singing In The Rain

    An American in Paris

    The Wizard of Oz


    The Maltese Falcon

    The Big Sleep

    A Woman Under the Influence

    Five Easy Pieces

    The Killing Fields

    Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon


    A Seperation

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  5. Btw, I was wondering if anyone is here is familiar with PNW history and can answer why the accents seemed to lean pretty hard in the New York/Boston realm? John Cusack was also a Yankee fan, apparently, which seemed odd to me but I guess front runners gonna front run?

    Not sure about the accents but the film is set a year before the Dodgers moved to LA and 2 years before the Giants moved to San Francisco and 13 years before there's an MLB team in Seattle, so him being a Yankee's fan seems to make as much sense as anything else.

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  6. Hunt for the Wilderpeople is my favorite of the year so far. Other favorites (in no particular order): Swiss Army Man, The Lobster, Captain America: Civil War, Midnight Special, Last Days in the Desert, Knight of Cups, the Neon Demon, The Witch, and OJ: Made in America