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  1. Somebody come get her, she's dancing like John Ritter
  2. Red, brown, yellow, green, and white: a rainbow coalition of bodily fluid
  3. please, please, please let me let me let me shit where i want this time
  4. Joker in the streets, al roker in the sheets
  5. He was the perfect weapon until he became the target. This summer Scott Aukerman is... Pedro Poopstain
  6. 36% off vintage assplugs with the offer code “bang” that’s b-a-n-g and i’ll see you never at the swing club
  7. Tragedy plus time, plus some broth, plus a potato... mmm baby, you've got a stew going!
  8. Tragedy plus time, plus some broth, plus a potato... mmm baby, you've got a stew going!
  9. mariehorselamp

    shirt plugs

    Shirt Plugs by Marie Horselamp
  10. mariehorselamp

    submit youtube clips for improv4humans

  11. Introducing Row-Row-Rodent-Boat, the world's first and only gondola powered by chinchillas!
  12. every time i try to order pizza i end up just having phone sex, oh god, oh god, oooh my godddd, i'm so hungry
  13. My name is Rappin' Scott and I'm here to say "Stop the press, stop the press, who is that?" Vicky Vale Vicky Vale
  14. Hypothesis: I'm a loser; Experiment: I ate chili fries. Conclusion: Yes
  15. Your password must contain a capital letter, an imaginary number, two emoji, a sumerian curse, and a scent memory from your childhood.
  16. Video evidence of anyone beating my twerk score and I’ll mail you one (1) $5 Starbucks TM gift card
  17. Send me snapchats on the honor system, meaning... just email me nudes and I promise I’ll delete them later
  18. REAL comedy fans pan for flakes of comedy in the Hudson River.
  19. Hey everybody! My name is Scott and this is Scott Loves Movies!
  20. gentlemen, we can rebuild him. we have the technology. a robotic weiner
  21. This is a good song
  22. fuck my cornbread, marry my gravy, kiss my grits - welcome to comedy ding dang