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    One of the best comedies,and a hallmark of Beatty/Towne/Ashby's career. Paul Rust mentioned coming back on to talk about it, I'd love it!
  2. Llewellyn_Wells

    Maltese Falcon vs The Big Sleep

    This is interesting! See the first two times I saw Maltese I felt this way, but I rewatched it again and it wasn't nearly as messy as thought. I literally have no idea what happened in The Big Sleep, but I've only seen it once, I mean that's generally a hallmark of great noir, but if you only meant to say both are messy but one has Bogart & Bacall vs. Astor, I totally agree.
  3. Llewellyn_Wells

    Maltese Falcon vs The Big Sleep

    On my podcast (we take a classic & contemporary and discuss the cinematic DNA they share) and we just recorded Maltese Falcon/Chinatown/Brick episode. So I'm way down for this one. I need to give The Big Sleep another go, I think I had too much vodka the first time I watched it.
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    He's been updating his instagram frequently since Christmas.
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    that'd be cool. And who knows, it could all be temporary until Devin and Earwolf are ready for him to come back down the road.
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    he's been updating his Instagram regularly. I don't think he'll be back on the show, but I think he'll be back sooner or later in some fashion.
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    "old co-host" I wonder who she'll work worth. Can't wait. Been listening to old episodes all week to get me through the last few days before vacation.
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    Letterboxd Links

    me too! I've had a few four movie days My letterboxd is just for this year.
  9. Llewellyn_Wells

    Letterboxd Links

    So...I started getting into The Canon in December (going back and listening to past episodes, seeking out new movies then listening to new episodes) and it really got me into a groove. So I started a fun little challenge of a Movie A Day. The goal to get to 366 movies for 2016 (I'm at 346). That's not THAT interesting, but listening to the episode and finding these new movies, plus hearing them discuss other films for me to seek out, or finding a new director and watching all their stuff...I've really expanded my horizons this year and it's all due to The Canon. I really appreciate that. And I'll keep an eye on all of your letterboxd accounts for new movies too.
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    Future of the Show?

    There's not more that I can say at this point. This show was very important to me as a film fan and writer. I had come to admire Amy and Devin. And I love all the great conversations I've had with all of you. The Canon had inspired me to write on film, I'd love if some of you would check it out, I hope this is the just the beginning of something: http://www.cinelinx.com/contributors/itemlist/user/4248-collinllewellyn.html there's a link to my three articles so far. And here's my letterboxd for those sharing: http://letterboxd.com/C_Llewellyn Thank you to Earwolf, Amy and Devin for the great podcast. Thank you to all my friends here for the great conversations.
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    Canon Breakdown by Decade

    funny, the 80s is widely considered the worst decade for film. I love the 80s, but I think it's more to do with gaining listeners, and that's not a bad thing. All the movies they've done so far are more or less fair episodes to do. Eventually they'll get around and the decades will even out.
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    It's time to do something from the 1940s.

    Treasure of the Sierra Madre!
  13. Llewellyn_Wells

    Episode 94: THE KING OF COMEDY

    Thank you two for doing this. I always thought it was minor Scorsese, so it would've taken me a long time to watch this. Up'd it to the top of my Netflix queue...this may be one of my favorites. This is why I love this podcast.
  14. Yes, yes, yes, yes, Behind The Canon, it's my favorite podcast!
  15. Llewellyn_Wells

    Similar film podcasts?

    Hey, all, I'm looking for more podcasts on film. I listen to "You Must Remember This" and The Canon, and I'm looking for more podcasts that deal with all aspects of film, rather than the week-to-week ones that mostly cover upcoming blockbusters and new releases. I also listen to selected episodes of the DGA podcast and The Close Up. You're all a smart bunch, and I trust ya! What are your recommendations? I'm looking for golden age of Hollywood stuff, New Hollywood, French New Wave, anything really. Devin & Amy, if you read this, I'd love to hear your recommendations, too!
  16. Llewellyn_Wells

    Off Topic: 2016

    There were a few "are movies Dead/dying" articles last week...even though this year is shaping up to be a hell of a year for movies. What are everyone's favorites thus far? I just got out of Hell or High Water and I thought it was absolutely fantastic. The performances were stellar, and I didn't find a dull moment in the film. I could name 10/12, but I want to hear everyone's favorite so far. A few I'm looking forward to this fall: Arrival, La La Land, Hacksaw Ridge; The Handmaiden. Which 2016 films got you excited? Which are you looking forward to and hope we may be discussing in a few years? (For the sake of this, I count films wide release, not festival debuts for the year, i.e. The Lobster; The Invitation)
  17. Llewellyn_Wells

    Films Directed by Women

    I know Devin loves ZERO DARK THIRTY, as do I; and I think this deserves an episode down the road.
  18. Llewellyn_Wells

    Amélie (2001)

    Fresh off the BBC listings, which this placed and our esteemed hosts both submitted for, and in addition to that, Amy mentioned post-TIFFANYS about the lack of female protagonists, it's a great picture, and I'd love to hear them talk about it. AND it's a foreign film, which we're due for (that's not a complaint!) I love it, curious to hear thoughts.
  19. Llewellyn_Wells

    Episode #90: PENNIES FROM HEAVEN

    yell at me all you want: Amy asked for us to indulge her with this pick, and I did.
  20. Llewellyn_Wells

    Female Coming of Age - Whip It

    any Slums of Beverly Hills fans here?
  21. All of the critics who submitted are linked at the end of the article. Then you can just control-F for her name.
  22. Llewellyn_Wells

    Homework: Labyrinth (1986)

    it's also playing in Cinemark theatres on 9/11 this year! In case anyone wants to revisit it in the cinema.
  23. Llewellyn_Wells

    Good Will Hunting

    do you listen to his podcast Harmontown? It's really good! And it's gotten me through some rough patches, but in the early string of episodes there's a lot of talk about different movies and he's got a vendetta against that one. It's pretty good!
  24. Llewellyn_Wells

    Good Will Hunting

    ha Dan Harmon hates GOOD WILL HUNTING more than anything I've heard him hate on years of his podcast.
  25. After more time passes, which films do you think will show themselves as Canon worthy? Or which ones do you think are Canon worthy now? (I was originally going to ask just from the past few years, but went with the whole decade). Here are just a couple 2010-present* films I could see great episodes on: Her Zero Dark Thirty 12 Years a Slave The Master Tree of Life Nightcrawler Moonrise Kingdom Black Swan Bridesmaids Django Unchained Inside Llewyn Davis I've listed too many and stopped myself. What do you think? *edited for clarity!