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  1. From above: "Minority Report-is-by far-the superior film..." -ijustliketowatch "I really don't like Top Gun. Like, at all. I think Minority Report is by far a superior film..." -mrm1138 Yes. I agree.
  2. Amy, you're one of my favorite people out there on the Internet/podcasts. I share your exasperation over Jerry Maguire not making it into the Cannon. I just didn't get how people could "be against" Jerry Maguire. That said, I was so frustrated with you on this episode because the way you bashed Minority Report made it very clear that you weren't just guaranteeing that a Tom Cruise movie got into the Cannon, you were shoe-horning Top Gun in by putting it up against a selection you thought was weak. Compared with Born on the Fourth of July, Magnolia, or Vanilla Sky, yes, Minority Report is a weak movie. However, as movies, I rate Top Gun a 2-star film, I give Minority Report 4 stars. That's why I'm voting Minority Report. Not that Rotten Tomatoes is the end-all-be-all, but Minority Report has a 90% critics vs. Top Gun with 56%. I have to say that is pretty spot on. If Top Gun makes it into the Cannon I'm gonna be very put out. For me, putting Top Gun in the Cannon would be like putting Pretty Woman or Point Break in. I just can't do it.
  3. I adore Marie Antoinette so much, but I had to vote for Lost in Translation. Here's why, I rank Sofia's films in this order: 1. Lost in Translation 2. The Virgin Suicides 3. Marie Antoinette 4. The Beguiled 5. Somewhere 6. The Bling Ring So, since Marie Antoinette is my third-favorite Sofia film, I gotta go Lost in Translation, even though Marie Antoinette is a 5-star (out of 5 stars) film for me. I loved this episode so much. My favorite ever.
  4. Doah

    Top Gun

    How about Top Gun vs. Pretty Woman, the ultimate crap-off?
  5. Doah

    What are the most Canon worthy films of this decade?

    I see your point, but I would argue that, ironically, both the movies you gave as examples do reflect the zeitgeist of our times. With Melancholia, it is, in my opinion, the best movie about depression, period. Being that 14 million people suffer from depression, and that the movie is a metaphor for it, "Melancholia is hurtling toward us and it's going to be our ruin," I'd say it's a perfect reflection and needs to be considered. Similarly, Nightcrawler captures today's defining mood in the sense that speaks to contemporary journalism and the way that every amateur with a camera is now a potential expert. I'd love to see them both considered.
  6. Doah

    Overlooked great movies

    A Most Wanted Man made my top 10 list for 2014. Thus, I agree. I would say that The American is one of the overlooked greats as well, also Anton Corbijn. Some others for me are A Single Man (Tom Ford), Melancholia (Lars von Trier), Frida (Julie Taymor), and Glengarry Glen Ross (James Foley).
  7. Doah

    Your Indulgence Picks

    If we're doing indulgence, and not obvious great movies, my picks are: Where's Poppa? - Carl Reiner (1970) The Mosquito Coast - Peter Weir (1986) Bring It On - Peyton Reed (2000)
  8. Doah

    Favorite and least favorite movies in The Canon

    Favorite: The Grand Budapest Hotel Least Favorite: Mad Max: Fury Road Favorite Out: Jerry Maguire
  9. Doah

    Homework: Se7en (1995)

    I own it. Not my #1 Fincher, but still one of a handful of "5 star" movies from him. Excited for this.
  10. Fine, we do a versus. It is written.
  11. All respect to Groovy-guy above, dude, for me, Magnolia is tied for the best film made in my lifetime, tied with Schindler's List for me. Devin, good to hear. I feel the same way about PTA. All his films are fantastic. As for Newlin, and this suggestion, I agree. Let's get Punch-Drunk Love in. I adore that movie. Clearly the best film Adam Sandler has ever been in.
  12. Not into this one. I love them both too much. They both should be.
  13. Doah


    I am voting yes for a very simple reason: This film made me FEEL deeply for these men. Side note: My favorite Ang Lee film is The Ice Storm.
  14. My favorite all-time actor is Peter O'Toole. Imagine this: an 8-time Oscar nominee and no wins! Obviously, Lawrence of Arabia is just too much of a no-brainer, so let's not go through the motions there. My suggestion is that we do the two movies for which he was nominated for playing King Henry II. I would like to have you put up Peter Glenville's Becket (1964) against Anthony Harvey's The Lion in Winter (1968). Trust me, these are two stellar performances in two remarkable movies. This would be a difficult choice. Given that he was nominated for both of these for playing the same character (not a sequel), I think this is a brilliant idea for an episode. I adore you two, and I love the Canon!
  15. Hi Canon team! Can we please get a pinned list of all Canonized films to date as well as all those already not approved for the Canon please? We need this on Earwolf and we need it prominently displayed please. Thanks!