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    Hey everyone

    Yeah, I agree with you. What I said isn't really possible. I just wanted to say it.
  2. Roman

    Hey everyone

    Here's what I think. Amy should continue the canon WITH Devin. While I realize this is nearly impossible, it's what should happen. I believe her that Devin has changed and progressed since those days, and I do believe that he is deeply sorry. Now it is really up to us, what kind of people do we want to be. The people that can forgive? The people that would forgive? If not, what happens to the guilty person? Must he suffer for life, even if he has grown into a different person. Is there no possibility to escape. Do we keep such a person in quarantine until they die? What does that achieve? Isn't the point to reform, to grow, to fight and in the end what comes out is a good, decent person. Isn't that the point? But we must be willing to let them do that. (my comment does not apply to what the victims should do.) It's a leap of faith that says who we are or would like to be. If Devin is sorry and fully aware of what he did, than I think he should be given another chance.
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    Can you be a trekkie and vote no? Well I am one and I vote no.
  4. Roman

    Episode 82: THEY LIVE

    What is the point of the canon, if every movie gets in? I mean, will this end up as a list of 5000 random movies. What is the value here? Will we see The Seventh Seal alongside the fourth best Michael Bay movie in the canon?