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    Episode 85: BOOGIE NIGHTS vs TWBB

    Don't comment on here, usually just vote. Yes, I watch the films before I vote. Honestly, both films are perfect, but TWBB's tone just works better for me. I prefer a jet-black narrative that's unapologetically nihilistic and cerebrally nourishing. Any film that can earn that type of darkness and still be so inviting to multiple re-watches has clearly accomplished something very unique.
  2. TwistedChrome

    Episode 78: BOYZ N THE HOOD

  3. TwistedChrome

    Episode 77: SEVEN

  4. TwistedChrome

    Homework: Batman (1989) vs. Superman (1978)

    Awesome idea. Can't wait.
  5. TwistedChrome

    Episode 68 - Antichrist (w/ Michael Lerman)

    Just finished watching it on Netflix and it's a very easy no for me. There's an amalgam of thoughts and feelings swirling around inside of my head having just finished it, but none of them very substantive... I'm kind of ambivalent on the whole thing. It was just kind of meh, and sure, that's not the most intellectual statement, but I don't think the film really warrants any type of elevated discussion on themes, character work, story structure etc., because it all felt a bit dull and silly with bursts of inspiring production design/camera work and solid laughs. No lie, that fox saying "chaos reigns" might be the most adorably quirky moment of cinema I've experienced in a long while. Charlotte Rampling yelling, "you bastard!" over and over as Willam Dafoe hid in the tree was really funny, too. It all just felt like a third draft by a dude who was too drunk and hopped up on anti-depressants to give a damn about ironing out a solid, cohesive narrative. All the digging people have done and metaphors people have assigned to aspects of the film seem like bi-products of scattershot, undisciplined writing/filmmaking that glossed over subject matter with potential for depth that's not explored in the film itself outside of some alluring imagery or throw away lines about grief, nature, gender and "evil". When films like MELANCHOLIA and NYMPHOMANIAC actually do their themes and metaphors serious, serious justice, fleshing out what they want to say in really sharp, affecting ways, ANTICHRIST just feels like a stepping stone and one that can be completely ignored in favor of the latter two works. It's just okay... 5/10. NO on the Canon. It's just not a very good movie. Also, please, please do an episode on A SEPARATION. That would be amazing. Now that's a real film, unlike this half-ass art-prank from someone who's clearly way more talented. And in regards to dogme 95 stuff, Thomas Vinterberg's THE CELEBRATION should already be in the Canon, so it's really disheartening that this film got a shot at the Canon before that one did.