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    Episode 73: THE LOST WEEKEND

    It's true that there may be better films on the topic, and there are better films from Billy Wilder, but this is still a solid picture. This was one of the first black and white movies I ever saw and I've thought about it ever since. I vote yes.
  2. JonHillman

    Suggestion: Wait Until Dark (1967)

    This was the movie that introduced me to Audrey Hepburn and is still my favorite of her performances. Please, yes!
  3. JonHillman

    Pennies from Heaven vs. Synecdoche, New York

    I think Synecdoche, New York actually has a really good shot at getting in on its own, but I'd be down for this idea.
  4. JonHillman

    Suggestion: Lucio Fulci's The Beyond

    Hell yeah. The canon needs all of the Italian horror it can get.
  5. JonHillman


    I'll give you a shot then.
  6. JonHillman


    You and I can never be friends.
  7. JonHillman


    This is possibly my favorite movie as well. The feelings of childhood I get while watching it makes me feel all warm and cozy inside, and I don't think I've ever seen a better onscreen romance. This has been the easiest yes of the entire show for me.
  8. If we're going to do a Jodorowsky film, it should probably be El Topo. It works better with the midnight movie theme.
  9. JonHillman

    Homework: The Adventures of Robin Hood (1938)

    Couldn't agree more. I'm kind of surprised that there hasn't been a Chaplin or Keaton episode yet. This is one I hope they get around to very soon.
  10. JonHillman

    Homework: The Adventures of Robin Hood (1938)

    You have no idea how excited I am for this. The Adventures of Robin Hood, Modern Times, and The Princess Bride are the three films that are in constant rotation as being my favorite movie. I really hope one of them at least mentions how influential Errol Flynn's performance here was to Cary Elwes' performance in The Princess Bride. Also, just do a Princess Bride episode. In face, do an episode for all three of those. And let me be a guest host. Yeah, that sounds like a good plan.
  11. JonHillman

    Episode 71: SLACKER

    There was a question a few days ago about what what our least favorite film in the canon is. Based on the results so far, this will be my answer in about a week.
  12. JonHillman

    Suggestion: The Princess Bride

    I believe Amy actually mentioned that she would like to do it in an earlier episode. It seemed like she liked it.
  13. JonHillman

    Suggestion: The Princess Bride

    I'd say it's probably my second favorite movie ever, just after Chaplin's Modern Times. Pretty please do this one!
  14. JonHillman

    Suggestion: SEVEN SAMURAI

    While I'm pretty sure Seven Samurai would be the slam dunk winner, I think a versus between it and The Magnificent Seven would still be interesting just to hear the discussion about the relationship between not only those two, but between a huge junk of 60s westerns and samurai films.
  15. JonHillman

    Favorite and least favorite movies in The Canon

    Favorite: Apocalypse Now, followed closely by The Godfather, Freaks, Evil Dead II (still wish the first had made it in as well), and Annie Hall Least Favorite (of the ones I've seen): probably Working Girl, although Superman will probably take that spot since it looks like it's going to win the newest versus, and Slacker will certainly take this spot if it gets in. I remember not liking Sex, Lies, and Videotape too much, but it's been too long since I've seen it to make a fair call. Favorite that didn't make it: Easily American Beauty, followed by The Fly and Aliens I feel bad that I voted for Jurassic Park. At the time it was so close that I literally just flipped a coin for my vote, but after rewatching Empire recently, I realized that I like it much better. To think, my one vote could have changed everything.
  16. JonHillman

    Episode 70: BATMAN v SUPERMAN

    I'm with you here, and I think you nailed the reason why. After the American Beauty episode, a movie that I was certain was going to make it in, I came to the conclusion that the episodes are definitely huge factors in which way the vote sways.
  17. JonHillman

    REQUEST: Jean-Pierre Jeunet

    I thought they were both pretty good.
  18. JonHillman

    REQUEST: Jean-Pierre Jeunet

    I think this would be an easy win for Amelie, mainly because more people have heard of it, but I'd still love to hear this one.
  19. JonHillman

    Suggestion: Psycho vs. Halloween

    Blasphemy! It and Halloween are easily two of the greatest horror films ever made. If nothing else, it's cultural impact alone gives it a spot in the canon.
  20. JonHillman

    Suggestion: Psycho vs. Halloween

    That's actually a really good suggestion, TKFopp. I vote we do that and give Halloween its own episode.
  21. JonHillman

    Homework: Slacker (1991)

    That video was put up by FilmBuff.com. From what I can tell, they're a legal distributor of independent movies. Edit: I don't want to invoke the wrath of Devin again by reposting the video without permission, but I'm pretty sure it's a legal copy. Just search for it on Youtube and find the one posted by FilmBuff.
  22. JonHillman

    Episode 70: BATMAN v SUPERMAN

    I feel the same way. I'm wondering if these people watched the same Superman and Batman movies that I did. I only watched the theatrical cut of Superman, so maybe the director's cut is some sort of masterpiece, but I don't see how.
  23. JonHillman

    Episode 70: BATMAN v SUPERMAN

    I’m honestly shocked that anyone could think that Superman is a better movie than Batman. Batman may be goofy, but it meant to be that way, whereas Superman was meant to be a more serious movie but ends up so goofy that it feels dated, even by 1978 standards. On top of that, the opening scenes, being those on Krypton and while he’s young on Earth, go on for way too long. Devin, though you criticized Lex Luthor in the Superman, I think his character and Gene Hackman’s performance are two of the few things that actually work. And still, Nicholson’s Joker is far superior. Batman is clearly the better made movie, the more watchable movie, and just the better movie in general, while Superman (which I’ve been hard on here, so I just wanted to point out that I do like it) feels more like a historically important relic.
  24. JonHillman

    there's no one movie per director rule

    Scorsese also has two in: Goodfellas and The Last Temptation of Christ.
  25. JonHillman

    Suggestion: Psycho vs. Halloween

    No, simply because I don't want to choose between them. Seriously, this would make for a great episode. If I were to change anything, though, I might choose a movie that is closer to a traditional slasher, such as The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, which is another selection I would hate having to make.