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    Episode 7 - The Cycle of Life

    Thanks, and welcome!
  2. The lines are open to anyone! I just tweet out the number from my personal twitter when the lines go live. We've only done a few calls in the past couple months because I'm in production on my TV show and my schedule is nuts. Also because of that we've been doing em pretty early in the morning, which sucks for the west coasters. That being said, moving forward I'm sure they'll be at all different times. Thanks for listening and hope we get to talk soon! Geth
  3. I promise you, I have not known any of the callers.
  4. ChrisGethard

    Episode 7 - The Cycle of Life

    thanks for giving it another shot!
  5. Julia is the only person in 15-20 calls whose name I've asked. There's one other guy who plugs stuff pretty hard but it's all in the spirit of his super fascinating philosophies on the purpose of pop music (it's one of my favorites, should be out in a few weeks). I still don't even let him plug his stuff when it becomes easily google-able. I think the main thing to keep in mind with this convo is that if the rules ever get broken it's only because something is going to hit me so hard in the moment that it feels like the right thing to do is to ignore the arbitrarily installed rules and be more of an actual human being instead. Julia got there, but I don't anticipate this being a trend.
  6. ChrisGethard

    Episode 2 - Passport, Exodus

    I don't know any of these people (to my knowledge) and the calls happen in real time. We don't take voice mails and call people back - I sit in the studio and we tweet it out and when the phone rings, John tells them not to tell me their name and patches them through to me. Sorry to contradict, dischargingfoul, but I'm just doing it up. The only thing you are on target about is that they may lose their totally current feel - because of the production schedule of The Chris Gethard Show, we banked somewhere like 12-15 before launching to make sure I don't miss any weeks while working on the tv gig. Thanks for listening and I'm glad people are digging this one! Geth
  7. ChrisGethard

    Episode 1 - Ron Paul's Baby

    While I admit I get manic and jump in quite often, I promise you I hate nothing more in this world than the sound of my own voice. It makes me want to flee every time I hear it.