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    Episode 130 - The Room (w/ Paul Scheer)

    I think you guys started to touch a little on how Trumpian of a figure Wiseau is. Essentially, Tommy is guy who, with the best and most sincere intentions, made something truly bad, and then has spent the rest of his career pretending he made something really good, and was in on the self-ironizing idea the whole time. Erstwhile, Wiseau has garnered as much money and fame from it as possible. (Indeed, I have purchased my very own pair of Tommy Wiseau underwear in order to meet the man.) Not to mention, like Trump, Wiseau remains an enigmatic figure who confabulates a lot of personal details. The reasons this movie appeals to me as a distillation of Americana/ the American dream (in all its hackneyed wonder), I think are similar to the reasons that Trump appealed to his voters. The movie shows us a San Francisco and America that are two-dimensional and lack any subtlety. And its this reductionist view that makes the movie so surreal and fun to watch. The Trump campaign did a similar thing by reducing America to a club of liberal elites, violent "inner-city" youth, and good earnest middle-class folk who are being threatened by the other two. The result has been equally as entertaining, but in a far far far far far far far more horrific and grotesque way (because it's real life). As a cultural phenomenon and perhaps a portent (and just because it's so damn enjoyable to see every time) I'm a definite yes. PS: Sorry for getting all political up in here.