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  1. jonesjxd

    The Big Chill

    I would really enjoy hearing an episode on this film.
  2. jonesjxd


    Yes, I think Hitchcock would be best suited for a versus episode, though The Birds could be an interesting movie to debate since it's more polarizing than his other "top shelf" movies.
  3. jonesjxd

    Episode 139 - The NeverEnding Story (w/ Dave Nadelberg)

    I really did enjoy watching the movie again after probably twenty years, and I think lesser films have made the canon, but I also think much greater movies have been rejected from the canon. I would've liked to have seen this get pitted against Labyrinth because I would've voted for it in a heartbeat, I might have even voted for it if it were pitted against Dark Crystal, but on it's own merits I don't believe NeverEnding Story deserves to be in the Canon, sorry Amy
  4. jonesjxd

    Episode 136 - The Best of 2017

    Wow, this one is tough. All of these movies would make my top ten of the year list. The only two 2017 movies I liked more than these five were Last Flag Flying and The Shape of Water. I'm going to attempt to work my way through this decision here. mother! - I'd call this the most original movie of the year by far, aside from being vaguely Rosemary's Baby-ish and being a direct adaptation of the bible. It's so visceral and mean, and I've never been more uncomfortable watching a movie before. I've never felt an audience so tense before. I live in the midwest and we didn't even get any walk outs. They were either as into it as I was, or were too horrified to leave, I guess. There were no "that was bullshit" comments on the way out either. We all just left as if we had just been scolded by a mean old school teacher. I might rate this higher than some of the rest, but I feel weird nominating such a mad, nihilist movie to the canon to live on forever and ever to represent such an amazing year for cinema. Star Wars: The Last Jedi - Yeah, full disclosure, I like this one slightly more than the rest. It's the perfect Star Wars movie for me, it's everything I actually wanted out of the new trilogy and it still left me shocked how much I loved it. Rian Johnson is the man and he did it, BUT is it the movie that represents 2017 the best? I don't know, Rogue One was great too, and there will likely be more great Star Wars movies. If there's ever a Canon Star Wars do-over episode I'll vote for it over even the original Star Wars, but I just can't nominate it as the best of 2017. Get Out - Maybe the crowd pleaser of 2017, I saw it three times in theaters and every time the audience was so great. Jordan Peele orchestrated a perfect horror movie, and it definitely screams 2017, but it's not the best movie to represent 2017 in the canon, imo. Ladybird - It's universal, I'm a guy and I saw myself and my relationship to my mom, friends, schoolmates in it. I didn't skip out on prom to listen to DMB though, me and my doofus buddy were probably listening to Pantera, and drove around our high school flicking it off thinking prom was happening inside, even though it was actually at a party center a few miles away. We weren't all that smart either. I suppose its the most likely of this bunch to be nominated for Best Picture at the oscars and I hope it wins, but I've decided my vote for the canon goes to-- The Florida Project - Of these five movies, I feel this one best represents 2017. Most of us are Willem Dafoe's character. We're watching this once beautiful thing we had crumble, we're trying our best to fix it, we're trying our best to keep it looking nice, we're trying our best to look out for our people, and we're trying so hard to be mature about all of this. There are pedophiles and other bad guys lurking around that we're trying to keep at bay, then there are these damn kids and their irresponsible parents running around fucking everything up that we just fixed and they just won't listen-- but they're just so funny, innocent and full of hope. Welcome to the Canon, The Florida Project, hopefully.
  5. I really love this podcast, I was just coming here to see if Earwolf had written a statement. It's a terrible situation, and I don't like to pile-on, I wish I hadn't even posted.
  6. Devin was accused of sexual assault yesterday, he was taken offline by Birth.Movies.Death until they investigate, I would think Earwolf would be doing the same.
  7. Given yesterdays revelations, will this episode actually happen?
  8. jonesjxd


    Big yes from me, along with Philadelphia it was the movie that made me abandon all the stupid ignorant things I was taught about gays growing up in church, and I just think it's the greatest love story I've seen on the big screen in my lifetime. I was 19 when this was released, I remember more or less seeing this in theaters with the attitude that I'd just go laugh at it, almost as if I'd lost a bet. By the end of it I was in tears. I think its easy to look back at it over a decade later and scoff at some of it's more heavy moments, the "I wish I knew how to quit you" scene has more or less become the new "You complete me" scene from Jerry Maguire, but it still works on me every time. As far as gay cinema is concerned I'd really like to hear an episode on Pedro Almodovar, maybe even All About My Mother vs Talk To Her. Anyways, keep up the great content and have a great week.
  9. jonesjxd

    Episode 70: BATMAN v SUPERMAN

    My vote goes to Batman, while I love a lot about Superman, I just think it goes so far off the rails by the ending I can't vote it into the canon. For me Batman is one of those movies that I could just put on at any time and enjoy. I adore so much about it-- Keaton and Nicholson's performances, the production design, the soundtrack and score, the weird timelessness of it's setting. Maybe it's wrong to say but there's also something about the simplicity of the writing and direction that I find so refreshing compared to other superhero movies. Anyways, love the podcast as always, and I look forward to checking out Amy's new podcast. Have a great week.
  10. jonesjxd

    Episode 69 - The Christs

    Hi Amy and Devin, absolutely love the show. I've been listening since the first episode but never got around to creating an account until now. This episode really got to do so, I think it's my favorite episode yet, loved the discussion. My vote is for Last Temptation of the Christ, it's just such an amazing film, and even as a non-believer it inspires me so much in my personal life. Anyways, thanks for the hours you put into this podcast and your other works, you're both fantastic at what you do. I don't know what's up next for a commentary track, but I hope for Last Temptation eventually.