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    Off Topic: 2016

    The Witch is a best of the year pick for me. Loved Green Room, Civil War obviously, and I think Triple 9 and The Shallows deserve a shout out. Still waiting for a Fury Road or Creed to knock my socks off. But the year isn't over.
  2. ArlenAHarrow

    Episode 64 - Broadcast News

    What is Amy talking about in this movie? Did she watch the same movie? This is the first time I've thought she's truly and wholly wrong. I didn't vote at the time, but I've never wanted to vote spitefully yes to this degree.
  3. ArlenAHarrow

    Episode #90: PENNIES FROM HEAVEN

    I voted No in the poll. This is the first time I've hated one these movies. I've stopped watching because I just couldn't pay attention. Opted out of watching because I can't handle a certain level of violence (Canibal Holocaust, Anti-Christ). Even been purely bored by one or two. This one is just, hate to the point where I had to watch this movie in parts. So much of this movie just doesn't work that it makes the parts that do piss me off even more. I liked the design I thought it was beautiful when the dinner wall disappeared. I can't fully explain everything I hated which is even more infuriating because of this movie, I hope everyone who loves it enjoys it.
  4. ArlenAHarrow

    Episode #89: BLAZING SADDLES

    So I voted no in the poll. I found This movie clever at points. I thought the argument about how crude it is rings legitimate but for me I need to find a comedy funny to get behind it. I didn't, and just for context about me Young Frankenstein is my favorite comedy of all time so my no vote isn't a result of me being 22.
  5. ArlenAHarrow

    Female Coming of Age - Whip It

    So I've been watching some of the movies I skipped because life and stuff. But i wanted to add something to the list of female Coming of age movies. So I suggest Drew Barrymores Whip It. Not a great movie or a movie most people talk about. But it's directed by a woman, about a young woman.
  6. ArlenAHarrow

    Overlooked great movies

    The Place Beyond the Pines
  7. ArlenAHarrow

    Similar film podcasts?

    I assume most of you listen to the BMD padcast, but if you don't I would suggest you try it out. Know going in it's pretty inconsistent.
  8. ArlenAHarrow

    Similar film podcasts?

    CFN is good for coming out this week, for sure. RT is better at TV than movies.
  9. ArlenAHarrow

    Similar film podcasts?

    I started listening to this as well It's pretty good!!
  10. ArlenAHarrow

    Favorite and least favorite movies in The Canon

    Favorite: The Thing Least Favorite: E.T.* Favorite Out: Creed *Close Encounters is SUCH!!!!! a better movie.
  11. ArlenAHarrow

    What are the most Canon worthy films of this decade?

    I think it's a little too soon to be sure but I think the list goes Bridesmaids Looper Scott Pilgrim Moonrise Kingdom Dawn of The Planet of the Apes* *Why? Just why?
  12. ArlenAHarrow

    Your Indulgence Picks

  13. ArlenAHarrow

    Episode 85: BOOGIE NIGHTS vs TWBB

    After The Thing Vs. The Fly I never thought I would be so unable to choose a victor. So as I did then, I will choose based on which one I like more. I will vote for Boogie Nights in the poll.
  14. ArlenAHarrow

    REQUEST: Ang Lee

    I love this suggestion. I watched this movie when I started college and wonder whether after rewatching it, It would be Canon worthy.
  15. Not sure if this has ever been suggested but I was wondering if an episode formatted like the end of the year episodes about say 1994 or 1982 would be something the hosts are into or other listeners desire. I also think this would is a good way to give movies previously discussed a second chance. Perhaps a top ten of 1986 would give The Fly a second chance, so on and so forth. So yeah, really interested in opinions on this.