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    The Graduate

    I am way late to this podcast and this episode so apologies. Not sure if this will even be seen, but hey, why not share my thoughts. So I think The Graduate is one of those movies where everyone knows the surface level stuff going on here but there is so much symbolism and subtext going on that gets lost on first watch. As someone eluded to earlier in the thread, the entire movie is a huge allegory for The Greatest Generation vs. The 60's revolution (eventually known as the Baby Boomers). The opening scene of Benjamin riding the conveyor in the airport sums up not only his character but the commentary on the this new generation. They are wandering aimlessly through life without purpose. Contrast that with their parents who fought in WW2, came home with the priority to bring structure, plan everything out, create a safe nice suburban life to raise their children in. The new generation grew up in this monotonous safety and came to rebel from it, looking for purpose in life. Benjamin's first real purpose in life is "rescuing" Elaine or at least the idea that he is rescuing her. The final shot of the movie after they get on the bus, and the for maybe a few seconds they are enthralled and exciting with that they had just done, but right away their faces go back to looking bored and right back into the next chapter of being aimless and direction-less. Their purpose has instantly once again evaporated away. As far as Mrs. Robinson goes, I think there is some resentment from her towards her daughter. Mrs. Robinson gave up the life she yearned for to enter into the structured suburban wasteland. I think she sees Benjamin as an easy target to get a slice of adventure and danger that she gave up. I don't think she particularly likes Benjamin or is overly attracted to him, he is more a symbol for her. Gaining something she once had to give up. I think perhaps she also sees Benjamin's aimlessness as an indication that he will eventually buy into "the machine" and in her heart, despite her resentment, she truly wants more for her daughter.
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    Homework: Batman (1989) vs. Superman (1978)

    Superman II vs. Batman Returns I think would be a good battle as well.