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    Future of the Show?

    I'll look into what Amy's up to in the future. I'm done with Devin-as a survivor this is Too Much for me, I won't ever be able to look past this. Here's my Letterboxd if anyone wants it tho: http://letterboxd.com/bri_witched/
  2. bri-witched

    Movies for Moms

    The canon should be filled with movies our moms love and ones we love to watch with them. My personal pick to start off is Dirty Dancing (even if I'm tired of 80's movies) or An Affair to Remember. What are everyone else's picks?
  3. bri-witched


    Really into the love for IV on here, it's my favorite Trek film. But I'm also one of the few who actually really digs The Motion Picture so what do I know (I really like the ideas it tries to dig into and yeah the pacing is a real problem but I admire it as an ambitious failure). Also no one's said anything totally unreasonable so far on this forum so I have no idea what Devin's on about? Especially when the passionate "no" arguments are coming from Trekkies themselves. "The sort of dismissive comments about Trek and scifi I thought we were done making thirty years ago" anyone know what he's referring to here?
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    Huge Trekkie here, still voted "no." Wrath of Khan's a ton of fun and an alright film overall but I don't think it reaches a level of "great" that a film canon calls for, nor should it be some stand in for Trek overall. A fine movie in a franchise filled with garbage ones (though a lot of those garbage ones were trying to imitate this one), but the things that make Star Trek what it is and showcases what it excels at are in the TV shows, not the films. The 40 something minutes of "Far Beyond the Stars" is way better at conveying Star Trek's vision of the future and progressive themes than all of the films combined.
  5. bri-witched

    Homework: Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (1982)

    Not my favorite Trek film but it's the only one people immediately recognize and that future Trek films insisted on ripping off (poorly).
  6. bri-witched

    Knock-Out Suggestions

    Gonna fight tooth and nail to keep Cannibal Holocaust in-I've seen gorier and more "shocking" films but this is one that's always stuck with me. There's an unforgettable ugliness to it that I haven't seen a lot of other films reach-it's something I'd tell people who can stomach it to see at least once. Chi-Raq's probably gonna get the axe which is fair because it's not a great film, but I'm gonna go against the grain here and also suggest The Usual Suspects. The Shawshank Redemption of thrillers I swear-perfectly "fine" but in no way one of the greats.
  7. bri-witched


    Haven't listened to this yet, but gonna voice some thoughts here anyway: A lot of classic horror films don't have a ton happening until their last 20-ish minutes so it never really bothered me with this one. I was too young to be cognizant of its marketing at the time of its release and this wasn't even the first found footage film I had seen by the time I got around to it, but I still liked it then and like it now. It's a film very of its time in a lot of respects-it's probably one of the last classic modern horror films to not have to worry about hand-waving cell phone usage out of the plot, and characters running around being terrified about being cut off from the rest of society and modern conveniences is a really apt story to tell when so much anxiety around Y2K still existed. But I think its central use of being stuck somewhere with something out to get you is a really timeless premise. The smaller scares that Elly inflicts upon the crew are also way scarier to me than her jumping out of some bushes to scream at them-they basically just mean she's fucking with them until she gets bored and kills them for kicks. Definite yes for me, it's a cool little movie that's still better than the legions of films it inspired.
  8. This film is insane, and I love it. The sequence in the subway is one of the most fascinating and terrifying scenes I've ever seen on film.
  9. bri-witched

    Battle of the Bowie Bulge

    This is the most important debate we'll ever have on this website. Gotta go with it being the real deal.
  10. bri-witched

    Films Directed by Women

    Strange Days is my favorite Bigelow film so I'm totally okay with it having an episode. I also really love American Psycho and think its a misunderstood film that could highly benefit from more intelligent discussions outside of the usual "I like when Bateman dances and murders people." Other picks: Born in Flames (I'd die if they did an episode on this) We Need to Talk About Kevin The Matrix Wings (1966) City of God (co-directed) Persepolis Grey Gardens (co-directed)
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    Episode #91: LABYRINTH

    This film has brought more joy to my life than half the canon entries combined so I can't bring myself to vote "no" despite its obvious flaws. It's just a really creative film with a female protagonist that learns some lessons about growing up that don't revolve around her falling for some boring dip-shit dude, a fatal flaw in a lot of other female coming of age stories. I really dig genre films that are made for a female audience in mind, particularly for young girls who tend to get stuck with princess films and not a lot else (not that there's anything wrong with enjoying princess films or that girls don't frequently like things that are "for boys", but you get my point). I also liked what was mentioned about Jareth being modeled to be attractive to women-it's totally true, a lot of women my age and older are still totally into him and joke about Sarah making the wrong choice at the end. Really sucks this most likely won't be voted in, and next week's episode, one of the ultimate guy coming of age stories, almost certainly will.
  12. bri-witched

    Top Gun

    I actually really hate this film but it has an astonishing cultural impact and definitely deserves to be discussed. I'd be sad about denying Amy another Tom Cruise movie in the canon, but I'm interested in hearing what she likes about it.
  13. bri-witched

    Top Gun

    LOL. My mom loves it so I first saw it when I was young, and I later revisited when I got more ~serious about film. It's one of the highest grossing films of the 80's, it launched Tom Cruise into a superstar, and it caused a huge influx of people joining the Navy. Again, I don't like it (Iceman and Maverick don't even make out once so what's the point), but its impact is well worth analyzing. I'm definitely down for other Cruise episodes though, like Magnolia or even A Few Good Men.
  14. bri-witched

    Mean Girls.

    The "She doesn't even go here!" exchange is still probably one of the funniest things I've ever seen, I need this episode to happen.
  15. bri-witched


    Mmm, torn this week. On the one hand, it's a film that's super important for a lot of women (I'm not one of them but I know many who love it) and Hepburn's performance is iconic. There are a sizable amount of people out there who only know her for this role. On the other hand there are things that bother me about it-the racism, the forced straightness, and Peppard's mediocre performance are all really big detractors. Sidenote: if a dude ever told me "You belong to me" I'd move to a different state.
  16. bri-witched

    Homework: Blood vs Boogie

    Part of me's like "There Will Be Blood's the better movie, and is almost certainly the one that will get in" and the other part's like "I need everything Philip Seymour Hoffman did with PTA to be in the canon."
  17. bri-witched

    TV Movies/Miniseries

    If this means Angels in America has a chance to get in, then I'm down.
  18. bri-witched

    Your Indulgence Picks

    Mulholland Drive is my favorite movie ever and 100% canon-worthy. I can't imagine an argument against it.
  19. bri-witched

    Episode 84: RE-ANIMATOR

    I like Re-Animator but I voted no. Amy's argument convinced me. It's a good movie to have a discussion on and I'm glad we had this episode, but it just isn't canon for me.
  20. bri-witched

    Andrei Tarkovsky

    Stalker's one of my favorite films ever, so I'm definitely down for an episode or two about Tarkovsky.
  21. Nightmare on Elm Street 2-I saw it when I took a class about horror films during the segment about queer readings in horror (still mad we didn't expand it to two weeks and include Fright Night or Interview with the Vampire but w/e). It's not a good movie but I kinda love watching it.
  22. bri-witched

    Perfect Blue vs. Paprika

    I've heard that Aronofsky bought the rights too, but have never seen a legit source for it. Anyway, I love Kon and would be happy with either of these films being discussed. I think I like Paprika better, but Perfect Blue is a better film.
  23. bri-witched


    I'm gonna say yes. Kiki's excels at one of my favorite aspects of a lot of Miyazaki's films, that they tend to have a lot of quiet moments that let the audience breathe and enjoy the film's world and ambiance. Spirited Away has some similar elements to this one and is a complete masterpiece, but I don't think that negates the charm and joy this film brings to the table. Larger discussions surrounding anime would probably bring out better results in another thread, but I'll throw in some thoughts here: I grew up when anime was EXPLODING everywhere, when Cartoon Network and other kids channels would play anything remotely popular they could get their hands on, and people were just beginning to realize they could upload any series possible online. So most of the conventions/stylistic choices of anime don't bother me a ton because I was introduced to it at such a young age and was surrounded by it. You shouldn't let a pack of creepy dweebs who jack off to their wife body pillows dictate that an entire industry is worthless-American comedies shouldn't suddenly be tossed into the nearest landfill because Adam Sandler hasn't been stopped yet. Animation is an art form all on its own (I mean, we had an episode about Waltz With Bashir on here, which incidentally I find way more politically messy than anything Miyazaki's done), so each film should be taken on its own merit.
  24. bri-witched

    Your Indulgence Picks

    I mean I don't know if I can fully convert you to a fan or whatever since I'm fully admitting this is an indulgence pick, but I can explain what I love about it. First off, I love anything that doesn't demonize a character for getting an abortion (I used to work at an abortion clinic-that's always gonna be important to me). The audience is meant to empathize with Penny for wanting one and it's fascinating to me that such a taboo subject was a major plot point in a film almost everyone's seen, and was a hit at the box office. This still may be one of the better depictions of abortion in fiction. I also honestly just feel, like T.D. mentioned earlier, that there's a lot of really interesting stuff to unpack surrounding gender and class within this film that still feels radical today. Baby isn't judged or shamed for having sex with Johnny, a guy she frankly barely knows and will never see again after her vacation ends. It celebrates short times of passion where two people can really have an effect on each other rather than going for some hokey romance that inevitably has to end in marriage or a promise for something long term. She goes from a young girl who's interested in studying "economics" into a mature adult who actually has some real world understanding of class systems by befriending the working staff (the amount of class conflict going on in this is actually staggering-also I'm here for any film that takes a shot at people who love Ayn Rand). It's a film that takes place in the 60s and is meant to comment on that period, was released in the 80s so simultaneously commenting on its own era, and many people still feel it speaks to them today. It's a fun dance movie with a great soundtrack that has a lot of interesting, subversive elements sprinkled throughout.
  25. bri-witched

    Episode 82: THEY LIVE

    This is a really good point. While I'm not happy with every film in the canon either, films like this, Boyz in the Hood, and a few other oddball picks on the show have been really interesting to think about in terms of their lasting impact and commentaries on the times they were made. A film doesn't have to be perfect to be impactful or something everyone should see at least once.