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    Herschell Gordon Lewis Movie

    Maybe a versus of Blood Feast versus 2000 Maniacs, or maybe just a single one. I know they're not GOOD movies, but one of them belongs in the canon I believe; A) he did gore in a way that no one ever had before, and sort of broke ground for future, grimier movies, B ) I think it would be interesting to discuss whether a movie that is so clearly exploitation can be in the canon. Both these movies really force the question: are movies works of art, or are they commercial products? Also I'm pretty sure both of these are watchable on youtube.
  2. JosephGreen

    Episode #87: THE GENERAL

    Love love love this movie, and also think it's one of the most important early action/drama/comedy/blockbusters. that's why it belongs in the canon -- I want it in there because it's so great.
  3. JosephGreen

    Episode 84: RE-ANIMATOR

    I gotta say, I'm picking this one because if it was the end of the world, and all I had was Canon movies, I would want this one to be there. I think that's how I'm gonna think about it from now on.
  4. JosephGreen

    Episode 78: BOYZ N THE HOOD

    I feel very, extremely passionate about this movie. It's really the one that got me interested more in film in general, and I have a very emotional connection with it. I can also see where Devin is coming from, but I really gotta side with Amy on this one. I just think that Devin was too detached, whereas Amy took the time to and effort to listen and feel what the movie was saying.
  5. JosephGreen

    Suggestion: Psycho vs. Halloween

    I would agree that Texas Chainsaw should replace Pyscho. Do they look at these suggestions? I also think that Psycho could either be its own, or maybe have it face off against Peeping Tom. that'd be great.
  6. I feel like a lot of Kurosawa films belong in the canon, but I just think it'd be really cool to face off his two Shakespeare adaptations.