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  1. Maybe my favourite episode so far. Had to pause once flansplaining was said due to laughter. Everyone was on their a-game. Also didn't realise until finishing the poster but SPOILERS ALL OF OUR BUSINESS Book and Lyrics by Jessica McKenna, Zach Reino and Erin Whitehead Music by Scott Passarella Act I “Take It From Yourself” - Citizens, Cat “CFO Is You” - Mr. Bossman, Johnson, Shauna “…This Whole Time” - Smokey, Shauna “That’s What The Cats Are Doing” - Mol Cat Anderson, Secretary Cat, Boss of All Cats, James “That’s What The Robots Are Doing (Interlude)” - Secretary Cat “Plan For A Flan (Interlude)” - Sheila, Flan “Up To You” - Smokey, Shauna, Johnson Act II “We Are Complicated” - Sheila, Flan “10 Floors” - Johnson, Mr. Bossman, Doorman, Cat Anderson, Secretary Cat “A Woman And Her Cat (We’ll Never Leave)” - Shauna, Smokey, Pizza Delivery Man “Some Loves (Dessert You)” - Creme Brulee, Smokey, Quarter, Flan, Sheila “The Best of Both Plans” - C-3PO, R2-D2, Chewbacca “No One Loves C-3PO” - Smokey, C-3PO, Flan “The Only One…” - Smokey, Shauna, C-3PO, C-3PO’s Inner Voices, Cecilio “Sara Lee (Finale)” - Mr. Bossman, Shauna, Johnson
  2. That last song was absolutely relentless haha. After how neat everything was last week, it's great to see that an episode can still be great with the anarchy that was that second act. EVERYTHING IS NATURE Book and Lyrics by Jessica McKenna, Zach Reino and Mike Still Music by Scott Passarella Act I "Everything Has A Start" - Billy, Ranger Terry, Adult Supervisor Phil "Everything Is Nature" - Terry, Cynthia, Dave "Kill A Bunch of Humans" - Reginald The Redwood, Sam The Squirrel, John The Raccoon "Kiss and Hug This Girl (What Will The Future Bring?)" - Terry, Cynthia, John The Raccoon, Crab Act II "Dry & Wet" - Crab, The Wind, Terry "Humans Need To (Interlude)" - Crab "Everything Is Nature/Jesus/Something/Nature (Finale)" - Chorus
  3. What an episode. I don't think a single plot point went unnoticed, which in an improv podcast is impressive, but a musical improv podcast? By god Jess and Zach are heroes. RUN TO YOU BRIDE Book and Lyrics by Jessica McKenna, Zach Reino and Fran Gillespie Music by Scott Passarella Act I “Hell Yes (Because of the Dress)” - Caitlyn, Bridal Party “Go Out The Back Door” - Doug, Kevinry “A Little Bit Bad” - Caitlyn, Deb and Bill “Make A Scene” - Valerie, Caitlyn, Business Man, Etc. “Sometimes (Undetected)” - Caitlyn, Valerie, Doug Act II “Super Bad Doug” - Benjamin Smith, Caitlyn, Kevinry “When Your Dad’s John Cena” - The Kids “So Many Secrets, So Many Lies” - Doug, Valerie, John Cena “Little Hard Cookie” - Doug, Kreshniov “You’re Memorable To Me (Interlude)” - Kevinry, Caitlyn, Doug, Ben “Hell Yes (Because She’s The Best)” - Kevinry, Benjamin Smith, Caitlyn
  4. Animals pretending to be humans poorly is a tradition I hope continues in Off Book. Also maybe the best rap I've heard from Jess and Zach near the 53:50 mark. WOLF/TUCK: THE MUSICAL Book and Lyrics by Jessica McKenna, Zach Reino, D’Arcy Carden and Paul Scheer Music by Scott Passarella *song credits soon*
  5. LEAVING YOUR HEART ON THE FIELD Book and Lyrics by Jessica McKenna, Zach Reino and Betsy Sodaro Music by Scott Passarella Act I “This Doesn’t Matter” - Carly, Janessa, Vanessa “Sports Boner” - Jeremy, Trent Wyzoky, The Male Soccer Team “Empty Nest Syndrome” - Katie, Beverley, Bird Ref “Flop Flop Flop (Interlude)” - Carly “You Like My Face” - Vanessa, Trent Wyzoky Act II “You Can Be In Love” - Trent Wyzoky, Kyle, Lyle “Ocean Avenue (Interlude)” - Carly, Katie, Bird Ref “I’ve Got A Yellowcard (End of the Game)” - Carly, Vanessa, Trent Wyzoky “Never Leave Your House (Interlude)” - Carly, Vanessa, Katie “A New Day, A New Kid” - Chorus
  6. They don't give a title but Jess says "No Anemones, Only Friends" at the end of both acts so I think that works. NO ANEMONES, ONLY FRIENDS (The Off Book Pilot) Book and Lyrics by Jessica McKenna, Zach Reino and D’Arcy Carden Music by Scott Passarella Act I “Start Thinking of Me” - The PTA Meeting Parents “You’re Not A Piece of Crap” - Steven, Darren, Tyler “Business Things” - Principal Waters, Secretary Barb Ra “Get In The Dolphin Tank” - Thomas & The Aquarium Workers, The Dolphin Tank Act II “We Are The Same (Fondue For You)” - Principal Waters, Secretary Barb Ra “Finger Puppet Day” - Steven, Tyler, Darren “We Are The Same (Reprise)” - Principal Waters, Secretary Barb Ra “Get In The Dolphin Tank (Reprise)” - Chorus “Anemone Puppet Day” - Steven, Tyler, Darren, The Aquarium Workers
  7. https://www.stitcher...vacay?refid=asa It takes years for a Broadway musical to hit the stage, but on Off Book: The Improvised Musical, you get a brand new original musical every week! Hear the pilot episode featuring Jessica McKenna, Zach Reino, and special guest D'Arcy Carden as they create a new musical on the spot. Thought I'd share for those who didn't see. Stitcher's a bit of a pain but it's more Off Book for the addicts like myself. I'll post the playbill soon.
  8. Updated to the modern Playbill look, and included Scott in the credits (as I always should have, sorry Scott ) Jamie was an outstanding singer, and Little Fucking Bitches had me in stitches. CURSES CURSES CURSES! Book and Lyrics by Jessica McKenna, Zach Reino and Jamie Denbo Music by Scott Passarella Act I “F!” - Alice, Chet, Denise “Little Fucking Bitches” - The Veronica Vanessa’s “Sleepin’ With Barbara” - Mr. Mayhew, Alice “Jews (Interlude)” - Vanessa Veronica, Stefan “Self Hater (Interlude)” - Veronica Vanessa “Parenting Is Hard” - Vanessa Veronica, Stefan, Alice Act II “Dumb-Dumbs (Doing Your Best)” - Alice, Veronica Vanessa, Stefan “Children Are Our Future” - Barbara, Mr. Mayhew, Alice “Ponies (And Also Glue) Are Our Future (Interlude)” - Alice, Black Lightning “Reno” - Black Lightning, Frank “That’s Being A Parent (Fucked You Up)” - Alice, Denise, Fish Market Worker “Brains (Interlude)” - Chet “Curse Curse Curse (Finale)” - Chorus
  9. As I am unable to re-edit my original post, I apologise deeply for not including Scott Passarella in my credits. This will be fixed in future. We love you Scott!
  10. Decided I'm going to try and make the playbill for each episode while I listen. It's good fun. Great episode as always. I think the biggest thing I've taken away from this show is how much of my life was missing Zach Reino. The dude's outstanding. PILLAGING FOR YOUR DREAMS Book, Music, and Lyrics by Jessica McKenna, Zach Reino, and Drew Tarver Act I “Jeep Lifestyle” - Georgian Chorus “Sidelines” - Calvin, Pa “Sixpack Pete (The Ship)” - Captain Sharon, Britney, Sixpack Pete, Old Crusty Stu “I Want To Be A Little Pig/We Forgot We Were Bears” - The Pigs, The Bears Act II “Clipper” - Blake Griffin, The LA Clippers “Was I A Bad Son?” - Calvin, The Police, The Crazy Six “Crazy (In Love)” - The Crazy Six “I Think You Are A Bear…” - Calvin, Pa, The Bears “Pirate Blood (Finale)” - Calvin, Pa, The Bears, Captain Sharon, Britney, Sixpack Pete, The Crazy Four
  11. Here's a playbill for ya!
  12. Groupies that don’t use protection may be more susceptible to Band AIDS
  13. *drum beat* ♪ Meg Ryan... So this is like the third day we've been working on this, and Joel... Kinnaman, still won't get it. Roger rabbit to running man to robot to rumba. Pretty straight forward, but he... he just kind of, stays on the Roger Rabbit. Now at first I was thinking "this is the one he's probably most comfortable with", but after a while it was more like "oh this is actually the only dance he can do?" Sean: Oh gosh... Yeah, and it straight up RUINED the talent show. Because everyone can do the Roger Rabbit...