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  1. I'm sorry if you were your family's sole breadwinner but you're also now disqualified from all of our bread competitions.
  2. Somewhere giant mecha-cousins form a megazord and dance the Dance of Joy
  3. That shit's really starting to pile up... If you don't clean it up that thing will die.
  4. It's fine for her to have her side drawer with USB drives though. What kind of tech company is "silver bullet" anyway?
  5. Also, not to tell you how to parent but you're child is perhaps running a bit wild- but y'know, it's not my place to say. I'm sorry.
  6. Did anyone laugh at this joke? They all laughed. Ask Dorothy Stratten, it killed.
  7. He took the car, 20 other clowns are missing too.
  8. I've got to know who wrote "Let's Get it Started" featured in Spanglish!