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  1. I guess seven Dorfs actually shakes out to about 3 and a half Tim Conways.
  2. I guess the snow business is close too... What with the glitz and glamour of plow drivers.
  3. I can't believe they give it away give it away give it away so easily. That's how one gets little Fleas.
  4. Troubling habit of Purging, but that's between them and their nutritionist.
  5. It did become an integral part of Joaquin's process on the great cinematic achievement "Jokester".
  6. And I had to hear it from Bing!? Chandler Bing, my work acquaintance.
  7. I was also a "pinch hitter" neither of which was apparently "appropriate touching".
  8. For this performance the Funk Soul Brother will be portrayed by the Funk Soul Cousin