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  1. I'm good keeping your hands warm though. I'm the World's Greatest Glover
  2. You see that flashing red light in the Voltaire satire. Smile, you're on Candide camera.
  3. Also the important thing is to never stop questioning Albert Einstein. No matter how dead he is.
  4. I just want it to be comfortable enough to tell me it's a biway.
  5. Apologies to Warner Brothers if I stole the plot of "Storks" I haven't seen it yet.
  6. I pride myself on my timely humour and strictly American spellings.
  7. And c'mon, robes, capes and crowns... Not nearly as extravagant as Steve Harvey's outfits.
  8. "Step right up, step right up, marvel as you have your pets sterilized"- Bob Carnival Barker
  9. Any name changes would have to be registered Pre-fontaine and Jared Leto would have to do them too.
  10. And this extra tall hat is fit for a Don King. And this dented van is fit for a Stephen King.
  11. I'm sure my public defenderman has told you I'm a first offenderman
  12. I've got a such a craving for the sparkling clear carbonated goodness you might say I've caught the Zima virus.
  13. Though we are putting on a production of Johnny Tremaine in the spring.