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  1. You can Kangaroo Jack-off if you want.
  2. This shameless pandering is gonna come back and get me like a boomerang to the face.
  3. And don't try to solve it like some kind of good Will Hunting, I'm just pulling random balls here.
  4. Allegedly he starves the comics backstage so they're extra ferocious in their fights against TV judges in the underground syndicated fighting rings.
  5. If you're old enough to shoot a bow and arrow you're old enough to be potty-trained
  6. This kind of joke is beneath me... Which is also where my poopy underwear are.
  7. Thinking of a well known athlete's foot for this catchphrase was my achilles heel.
  8. I'd also advise my son that he come out to the family as sell-sexual
  9. Meh. The end. Now off to bed with you, you little beasts.