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  1. I used the aforementioned magic powers to get the Carnegie Hall.
  2. Manhattan Project Runway
  3. I'm too busy eating hot-dogs without Stallone's brother or the lead singer of The Mother's of Invention. Franks but no Franks.
  4. They may find themselves under the wheel of a large automobile, because I don't know if you motherfuckers noticed but that's Gravedigger parked in the driveway of my shotgun shack.
  5. Put on your top-hat and get your ass to Manor House, Varney. They greenlit The importance of Earnest Goes to Camp!
  6. I've not experienced life as a black woman who's lost her husband so I won't comment on being a Black Widow but I do think Scarlett Johansson is best suited to do so.
  7. And I'm detecting a hint of cheeto dust.
  8. Then Dane cooked asked for the same thing.
  9. The World According to Jim.