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  1. Then dancing and revelry on the grave of the erstwhile Marion Mitchell Morrison... Party on Wayne.
  2. Can I interest you in some Sic Semper-Teizers?
  3. "Manhattan" That project was kind of a bomb.
  4. Silk, silk, hand-grenade, sorry I blew up your scarves.
  5. Also cool your Sharks, they're dance fighting all over the ashes.
  6. Marvin, you're on thin ice, You're lucky I dig your fly Centurion hat. Also, can we study that thin ice, it's a pretty monumental discovery.
  7. You all get this as I've been assured everybody knows these names, Salutations!
  8. And let me, like a family divvying up a loved one's estate, count your rings.
  9. Dear offbeat guitar gentleman, Don't put all your heads in one bucket.
  10. "Under the bridge downtown I'm friends with gentle ben Under the bridge downtown In EdTV my name was Ken"
  11. Richard Kind was always horny too but no one noticed because they couldn't take their eyes off his enormous Frankenberry head.
  12. The whole lot of us, seemingly unconcerned with Action Point's start time. Can you even imagine!? I heard the first 15 minutes is the Saving Private Ryan of nut-shots.