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  1. The devil in a kid genre produced 3 great (The Omen may be a 7.5/10) movies that need to be pitted against each other. Which one has the unholy power to make it into the Canon? This probably has been suggested previously, but it may be so obvious that smart people were afraid of suggesting it.
  2. Dr Movie Jerk

    Homework: Stand by Me (1986)

    For Canadians, its on Shomi.
  3. Dr Movie Jerk

    Oliver Stone Versus

    With the release of Snowden (September 16, so I hope this isn't too late), a discussion of Oliver Stone's work may be appropriate. The obvious choice for The Canon is Platoon, which should make it in a walk, but a fun episode would be a versus pitting his two huge 90's films against each other, JFK vs. Natural Born Killers. Both were major touchstones within the culture when they were released, but do they hold up 20-25 years later?
  4. This would be an approprite catch phrase for the tournwhen it visits New York or Vancouver.
  5. This may only appeal to me but I think an appropriate episode to celebrate father's day is to pit two classic dad movies against each other: The Great Escape vs Bridge on the River Kwai (or Patton or The Longest Day or Magnifcent Seven). These are movies that my father introduced to me and were introduced to him by his dad and I think thats true of a lot of kids raised by baby boomers. They are also all movies I feel are worthy of being in the Canon (or at least Canon adjacent).