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    Episode 163 - The Running Man

    When the gang escape prison and go to the underground base to get their collars removed, The Running Man is playing on tv. There are shots of Fireball, Buzzsaw and others, all taken from the upcoming episode. This future viewing tech explains how the rebels acquired Richards and "Umbah" so easily.
  2. Kristos Samaras

    Episode 133 - The Quest

    You guys failed to mention an eyebrow detail that caused me to lose my mind, At one point, the Mongolian guy wipes the sweat off his brow by putting his finger at the outside of his left eyebrow, moving across both eyebrows and finishing at the outside of his right eyebrow. Now, everyone knows that you wipe your eyebrows from the inside out, starting at the bridge of your nose and moving to the end of one eyebrow, then the other, or you use two fingers, both starting at the middle and moving to the outside. You don't start from the outside and move in because this would cause your eyebrow hairs to get messed up. The way the Mongolian guy did it would have been fine for his right eyebrow but messed up his left eyebrow. So when I saw the guy start wiping his left eyebrow from the outside in I thought, "This is going to be a mess for sure." But then it cuts to a reaction shot of JCVD's face, then cuts back to the Mongolian guy's finger already completing it's journey at the end of the right eyebrow. The entire center part of the wiping was cut. The reason for this editing is clearly that the actor must have messed up his left eyebrow. They had to get hair and makeup in to fix it, and then do a new take with his finger already on his right eyebrow.