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    Episode 121 - The Matrix (w/ Cameron Esposito)

    Amy you were so on point in this episode! So much amazing stuff in this film that could have gone on to "be a thing" but bro's only pulled out bullet time & kung fu. I wonder how many other movies are like that.
  2. cantaloupe

    Episode 101 - Shakespeare in Love (w/ David Ehrlich)

    Best quote: "Did you get the pizza nachos? They're pretty good."
  3. cantaloupe

    Episode 98 - Ghostbusters

    Amy I'm so glad you are back thanks for keeping this going. Also Ghostbusters is obnoxious. Can't help thinking of the Goonies episode. Huge following of a certain generation but if you were born any later you don't have the rose glasses and you see it for the loud, offensive, insufferable mess that it is.
  4. cantaloupe

    Who is your favorite Beatle?

    Team Ringo or gtfo
  5. cantaloupe


    This was the best episode they've ever done. I could care less about this movie but their harmonious agreement was refreshing and fun to listen to. More episodes like this please
  6. cantaloupe

    Episode 84: RE-ANIMATOR

    In the Kiki's Delivery Service episode Devin said the movie was for a "guy who keeps a kitana in his trenchcoat and tips his fedora". Guess what other kind of movies that guy likes? If you guessed "80's gore flicks" take 10% off your next Lootcrate.com purchase...
  7. cantaloupe

    POLL: Is Devin a Racist?

    you're not a racist, you're just an asshole (worse?)
  8. cantaloupe


    Shoulda been Spirited Away
  9. cantaloupe

    Episode 82: THEY LIVE

    I hope they argue for 20 minutes over whether wrestlers are good actors or not....
  10. Love these suggestions (especially Dig!) but if we're talking Canon shouldn't it be Woodstock?
  11. cantaloupe

    Suggestion: Shaft versus Superfly

  12. Is lonely Ringo's selfie fail the saddest scene in cinema history?
  13. cantaloupe

    Episode 71: SLACKER

    mom and dad are fighting again :/