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  1. Can we get a Mantzoukas/Time Keeper crossover episode? Tick tock, Tick Tock Man!
  2. yeahtoast!

    Episode 599 - 10th Anniversary

    600 minutes! Wait...
  3. I know The Milk Carton Kids are a legit band, but if you told me they were a couple Matt Gourley characters, I'd totally believe you.
  4. yeahtoast!

    Fanclub Singles (1999-2011)

    Uh oh, looks like male.com is still available!
  5. Heynong man... is this an episode of Talkin' 'Tang?
  6. yeahtoast!

    Episode 561 - Poke Mitzvah

    Yeah, "Blast-oys" is correct. Their names are pronounced like they look, not based on their portmanteau roots. Generally. Some portmanteaus are clumsier than others.
  7. yeahtoast!

    Episode 561 - Poke Mitzvah

    Dash Grabum! I never get tired of hearing an astonished Scott and guest(s) reacting to Zach masterfully explaining the actual mechanics of the Pokémon games. Also, Blastoise shall now forever be pronounced /'blæstwa/.
  8. yeahtoast!

    Episode 558 - Ship of Love

    My goodness, this is an easy at least Top 3 for Best Of 2018.
  9. Seriously, the lack of subpodcast theme music this ep made me uncomf, bro.
  10. Holy cow this ep was so damn good. And very smart!
  11. Can't stop laughing at "bread brasket." I'm so happy Carl picked that up they all ran with it.
  12. Am I hearing things or are there Pod F. Tompkast-esque sound effects during the interview?
  13. Are grocery stores the topic du jour over at Earwolf this week? First Spontaneanation, now this?
  14. yeahtoast!

    Out of Time

    ♫ The world is collapsing / around our ears / I turned up the radio / but I can't hear it ♫ "I like this part." ♫ ...when I GOT TO THE HOUSE... ♫ "EWH OH!"
  15. Great ep of Corecast! Is Off Book going to have its own set of Oliver Podcasts?
  16. yeahtoast!

    Episode 541 - Is That A Joke?

    Milk and cereal, cereal, cereal, cereal and milk!
  17. yeahtoast!

    Green? with Lance Bangs

    Happy Wednesday! RIP Tuesday.
  18. I think the show's found its new intro music. Outstanding!
  19. Yes, yes get Lance Bangs back on the show. After all, his wife is in a band with none other than Peter$! And of course Adam isn't into Star Wars -- he's a Star Trek guy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t4DCOpG1oNE
  20. Okay, can we agree that Jess's brain just works faster than everyone else's? That caffeine scene was insane.
  21. My thoughts exactly. I adore Zach's tiny woodland creature voice and it should be used at least once in every episode.
  22. yeahtoast!

    27 Reckoning

    Scott, I'm concerned about your harassment comments RE: Kulap. Are you talking #MeToo to me, too?
  23. Nooooooooo the Sketchfest show was so good! Pretty cool of them to do another pod together though. I'm gonna consider this one the b-b-b-bonus