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  1. also see this article from Harvard Business review https://hbr.org/2013/06/becoming-a-better-judge-of-peo.html
  2. Stephen's Chii-hua-hua reaction was priceless.
  3. I like it when Steven rephrase the question to "how can I tell if this person is trustworthy". As usual James was trying to find a sincere answer and I like how he ended the show with "dont be a ..... another good episode and I wish they had explored it a little more.
  4. I started applying Stephen's advice (to look behind the personal attack) and treat the person critiquing you as a teacher. I feel good about it. Thanks Stephen.
  5. I agree with James about the theory that the more you do, the longer time will feel to you. Because, the more you do, the more memory will be created; creating the sense of loooooooonger time. If you do the same thing every day, then the next day experience will simply REPLACE the one from yesterday, and will count as 1 experience.