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  1. WeirdMallKid

    Episode 518 - Corn Dog Horndog

    I think the obvious band name choice would be The Heynong Band
  2. This absolute madness may be one of my favorite episodes of any show ever.
  3. WeirdMallKid

    Episode 418 - Paul Reiser and The Apple Tree

    There was chewing on that Apple Song track? Oh man, I completely missed it while I was eating my afternoon snack Honeycrisp.
  4. WeirdMallKid

    Episode 416 - Silicone Bralley Poo Crew

    Except that he was just the rare breed that sucks dick and then gives you money.
  5. WeirdMallKid

    Season 3: Game 2 - Pistol Shrimps 4/12/16

    "I'd dress up like a ringmaster for that". I'd like to hear the list of all the things Matt would like to be a ringmaster for. What a great riff that would be.
  6. WeirdMallKid

    Season 3: Game 1 - Pistol Shrimps 4/5/16

    I just want to sincerely thank this podcast for finding me a forever home. I no longer have to live on Sbarro pizza.