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  1. @Beeface I like surprises.
  2. *A PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT* Our good friend 'The ScuzzMan', is on the latest Hard Nation! Go give it your support. It's still new and can use our support.
  3. As a Minnesota Ice-man, Great reference to a famous Minnesota lake by Sean! 5:10 "I first met Hayes, about 6, 7 years ago, he was a writer on a show called 'Big Lake'"- Chris "Minnetonka"- Sean Its quick, but Sean nails it. Lake Minnetonka This post is for my other Ice-men... or Ice-Women.
  4. Jacob C, It's the first page of the thead! Save the pot stirring for page 3.
  5. Well next too souprman, Auden is a saint.
  6. @Sillylillyquee Gollstone was really great this week. And I heard he needs stuff to hang on his walls. Signed, Anonymous.
  7. No kids or a family for you if you hadn't seen it Steve, that makes sense. That movie makes everyone go straight.
  8. I respect your opinion Greggy but I think Andrew kind of nailed it the first time. But then again it is my first listen through.
  9. Proof Megs a girl... *Mic Drop*
  10. Your right Henry! I feel like Jeffrey has ruined the forums... I'm getting a Change.org petition ready now to get Jeffrey off the forums. I'll post the link once I've finished.
  11. AndrewGoll

    The Super Secret Forum... Sshh.

    Hey Owen! SHH... It's secret. *place blow gun back in satchel*
  12. Ssshhh.... Whisper and don't tell anyone we are here. Please.
  13. Hey speluck! Welcome to the forums! All we need from you is a pictur of your D (dad), and ... Hmm.... a pet if you have one. P.S. Watch out for Jackal. And we also need pictures of your d megs. It will help make your campaigning more official.
  14. Henry... we both know jackal and thejjar will go to any length to undermine megs (newbie). And if you fall for the, very doctored, photo, your doing exactly what silvr wants. Henry, I know you put in that money, but I'll buy the sharpies to cross off silvr's name to add Megs name.
  15. Sounds like a Reality Show Show show. Who wants to host?
  16. As we can clearly see from 'Ban on Stuffs' endorsement of Megs, even God backs her leadership of these forums/CEO of the Earwolf. Even Henry, a man we all love, is questioning why he endorsed anyone else but Maverick Megs. Lets come together now and soon, before this forum fall apart. As someone who loves this forum, I vote Maverick Megs.
  17. Sorry Jackal. But as a running mate of megancopies and a boat owner, You will have to race me. Is this really the kind of person we want to have as king? I say not! Megancopies as Queen/President.
  18. Sounds like Silvr took the P.I. So whom ever needs a maverick as a running mate. Pick Gollstone. He may have weak knees, but he has a strong heart and strong mind. He WILL BRING YOU TO VICTORY! P.S. I also have flat feet, but I have great insoles to make up for that.
  19. Sorry Mister P.I. Sir but Silvr needs someone who knows politics and is new to the forums, a maverick you could say. Gollstone will make a strong candidate even stronger. I'm also good with swing voters and communists.
  20. No more debt owed to Jackal! The forum likes are paid in full. And sorry to come late to the argument, 'did Jackal edit', 'did Silvr edit', 'is the PI a good PI' and 'who is Megs!?'. Well, I've got good news. I hacked jackal's account and edited his post to "meg" to get out of the debt. I then felt guilty and stupid after Silvr posted the evidence before I could. So I hacked into her account and posted that she was the one who had edited. I was then riddled with guilt at that point and hired Jack Johnson PI to investigate the crime, to throw all suspicions off of me. It then backed fired due to the fact the PI I hired was a bad PI. and Who is Megs?.... I don't know, it could be just a good friend of Jackals.
  21. I'll pay, Jackal. We all know who you meant. One like left!
  22. I don't know, Jackal seems like the kind of guy I shouldn't be taking likes away from... Maybe its his picture.
  23. I now owe you two more. Please keep me in check everyone, I like me kneecaps.