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  1. Oh NO, You screwed me over Megs! I'll pay.
  2. I'll take that bet! 3:1 for a post
  3. I tried calling in when I heard the episode was a call-in. I called 1-800-hardddd and hit those d's. A woman (who I thought sounded like a dude, but was reassured was a woman) picked up and told me "you can 'get hard' for just $20 every 10 minutes." I gave her my Credit card number and SSN. She then proceeded to talk dirty to me! Clearly the engineer's at Earwolf are terrible at screening calls, and even after spending $120 on the phone with the engineer I still didn't get on the show! A little mad at Earwolf, but will give the show a 10/10.
  4. AndrewGoll

    The Super Secret Forum... Sshh.

    I've heard that too. And we need to keep this exclusive Roosterbrains. Its not a secret if we tell every Dick, Jane and George Clooney.
  5. That's what someone would say if they knew about secret forums.
  6. Chanson can take it. I would be more worried about Andrew. I've hear that British people know how to fight, and they are dangerous behind the wheel.
  7. I say it sounds so good you should avoid taking mail from strangers, you could get served by Rowlings lawyers. Avoid leaving your Home at all costs! Though I have no kids on the way, I'll be sure to keep that lesson close to my heart when I do. Thanks Fabio's Socks,
  8. Can't wait! Will be back later with a review... I'll assume a very favorable review. Edit: Just listened. So great! Who knew bears were so smart!
  9. I can't believe Tom just cut you off like that! He need to check himself, he can't be cutting celebrity's off like that. The Rocks call-in on the Best Show, 2:28:48. Short but gold.
  10. I know... What have we done wrong? I look good in red. And really good naked.
  11. So... After hearing from Hayes 'personal' on 'the best show' that the elderly are hiding from the new folks, I would love to extend a personal "your welcome to come back" or "PM me to join your exclusive club."
  12. I'll send one your way! Just have to find the notebook Tom lent me with his number in it... Oh shit I left it in that tree! And it has his butt pill proscriptions in it! Hope no one finds it!
  13. AndrewGoll

    Episode 135 - Jon Daly, Our Close Friend

    I did... at first. It started off with bacon and pancakes. Fished for a good 2 hours and brought home 2 small mouth bass and 4 Northern Pikes for lunch. All done by noon. My wife then suggested we go for a horse ride... This is when it goes down hill.... We hop onto the horses and we start out with a casually jog, and after a bit we decided to take the horses into a full Gallup and as fast as the horses will go. A few minutes later I fell out of the sattle with my foot stuck in the holster and the horse began running in circles! I was being trampled! ...That was until the Walmart manager came out and unplugged the machine... I came close to death today.
  14. AndrewGoll

    Episode 9 - Megyn Kelly Is Inside the Boys Club

    I respect your opinion, but... I think your wrong. The blunt disregard for the fact the voices are a little different and the boldness in which they play the clip, makes it all that much better. That was a great meta moment, and I can't let it be thought of as a lower point in the the episode here on the forums. P.S. I do love all your other forum post though, just this one made me sick to read.������
  15. AndrewGoll

    Episode 135 - Jon Daly, Our Close Friend

    One of our more popular and "Voted Least Liked Forum Member 2 Years Running" Handbook head, Dwayne the Rock Hard Johnson, has called into the new Earwolf show 'Hard Nation' twice now! First episode 4 and then the most recent episode (Episode 9 with Megyn Kelly). Thank you Dwayne for making my day!
  16. AndrewGoll

    Episode 9 - Megyn Kelly Is Inside the Boys Club

    Not a popular opinion but I do respect Megyn Kelly (A small light out of the Fox News Network). And this episode kills! Bukaki to Aquifers, it may be the dirtiest episode, 11.7/11.9 Ali Ali Akbar!
  17. AndrewGoll

    Episode 9 - Megyn Kelly Is Inside the Boys Club

    I haven't hear the episode yet. But already know it will be A++
  18. AndrewGoll

    Episode 135 - Jon Daly, Our Close Friend

    True story and life lesson: Driving back from a successful trip to Home Depot (not a sponsor), with my then girlfriend and now wife, we had 4 baby raccoons run out into the road. I stopped the car, expecting them to run into the woods on either side, but to my surprise they ran under my car! And not having the ability to slap the baby raccoons out from under my car, like Sean and Cecil the Lion, I had to fish them out with a towel. I would get one out from under the car and when I turned my back it would run passed me to join its brothers/sisters under the car. It took over an hour to get them out from under my car. The runt of the litter, while the rest were now gallivanting in the woods, was trying to get into my car! Sadly I didn't have the resources to take care of a raccoon at the time, so I drove off as soon as I could, leaving the runt behind. It was a weird day. Home Depot - 6.7/8.3
  19. AndrewGoll

    Episode 135 - Jon Daly, Our Close Friend

    Dude, You're just getting too old... Make room for the young kids (the future). End of story, and sincerely your friend, Gollstone
  20. AndrewGoll

    Episode 135 - Jon Daly, Our Close Friend

    Fun episode. Nice book. And educational on writing. But swear happen.