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  1. I'm under the impression that this is Hansome.Rambler@gmail.com. So I'll just post here. I'm am from the future, 54 years from now to be exact, and I would like to answer your video game question: video games actually get worse. Why? Because it's a hipster thing.
  2. AndrewGoll


    Oh god, oh god!!! Is this real?! I never knew I wanted this to be a thing, and now, it's the only thing I want.
  3. AndrewGoll

    Episode 448 - Master of Horror

    Wow, was this post made on a porch of a nursing home in Florida? Hmm... Those good ol' days.
  4. AndrewGoll

    Episode 448 - Master of Horror

    I hear a bunch of commotion from the CBB forums and when I get here, the fires out, the arsonist has already been crucified and has asked for forgiveness! I didn't even get to cast one stone. Such a bummer. Warn me sooner people, always love be me stoning. Like your spunk ooooooooooooo et cetera.
  5. Look, Brandon's posting on the forums. A rare thing. That laugh is one of a kind and it was great to hear a guest who was clearly excited to be with the boys! Great job Brandon. You made my week.
  6. Two new posters already!! Brandon Wardell has way more cred then I thought. Welcome to pledge week new people!!! This will be tough newbies!!! Good luck.
  7. Oh boy, oh boy!!! Can't wait!
  8. Jen, Your in a upcoming Tv Movie called Brooke, Can a movie be Tv? Gollstone
  9. Hi Jen, Fall has just started. What is the best Fall joke? Your friend, Gollstone
  10. Hi Jen, Comedy is great and all, but what is your opinion on fresh water fishing? Follow up, what do you have against water beds? Your friend, Gollstone
  11. We all know that Hayes wrote all the good jokes on HBO's 'Vice Principals'. So when I saw this, I knew it was no accident. I also believe its a key piece of evidence in the last scene of the show, because this is also the last student we see as well!!! I know who did it. It was Sean!!! He was getting jealous of Hayes spending time on the show.
  12. Nice to have you here sonny! It's weird, it's fun and overall a great place.
  13. First, we all know gamer girls don't even exist, right guys. Second, The guys asking for real advice here, and your just being a condescending clown chanson.
  14. With all this clown talk I'm more surprised greggy hasn't shown up. The way that man blows up twitter and facebook, you would think he was everywhere all the time.
  15. Nice to have a new face! Can't wait to see you around more! And you will have to get used to the clown talk, it's a commen theme around here... sadly.
  16. I got no such DVD collection! I called the hotline and a woman picked up, I was resured several times to that fact, even though it sure sounded like a dude. This woman began to talk dirty to me, I kept telling her I wanted clown stuff and she would tell me something about her hair or that she had some kind of itch. Who knows, after an hour and 20 minutes on the phone, and getting nowhere, I got off the phone to only find out this clown DVD place charged me $2 a minute!!! The customer service is poor, I didn't get the product, sounds like they have serious Human Resources problems, and they charged me $240! I suggest you don't call the number.
  17. With a title like this Jeffreyparties, how could it be anything other then 10/10 podcasting. Your making yourself out to be a clown with that last post Jeffreyparties.
  18. Not a true fan. Right Beeface. A great start to the forums CMB!!! Love the work!!! Can't wait for the episode! Hopefully we will find out more about the Facebook stream. Or maybe the jokes on us and we will never find out.
  19. You won't get me next time!
  20. I fell for the Facebook gag. Good one guys
  21. lol, wow! I think this is one of the best characters yet! Is this a Reddit thing? I may have to check it out more if that's the case!
  22. AndrewGoll

    Episode 149 - Just Sean and Hayes

    This is for Hayes. These are the Far Sides I have on me right now. The rest are in my hometown. Have a huge collection. Loved you on High and Mighty.
  23. AndrewGoll

    Episode 149 - Just Sean and Hayes

    You know you liked it Face Like Thunder. And yes, I always seem to forget how big pictures are on here. (A cute dog FLT, He has the look of a philosopher)