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    Space Jam (1996)

    I legit created an account just to recommend that HDTGM do this movie (and then found a thread already existed, so here I am). PLEASE do an episode on this! It would be a great follow-up after doing Kazaam. I'm surprised so many people are saying Space Jam can't be done because it's a kid's movie, thus it's okay to be ridiculous. HDTGM did TMNT II which is also a kid's movie. (Granted, those comments were made before that episode aired, but I think it just goes to show that kid's movies are not off the table). The reason I think this movie would make a great episode is because it's NOT downright awful like Chipmunks. It has some parts that are actually funny, but it also has a lot of ridiculousness, bad acting, and crazy plot elements that HDTGM would totally rip apart. Plus, can't you already hear June asking, "But why do the aliens decide to challenge them to a basketball match? What is its purpose?"