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  1. thewriterboy1416

    Announcing The Return Of The Canon!

    I can finally get back into listening to podcasts. So glad to have this back in my life.
  2. thewriterboy1416

    Episode #92: STAND BY ME

    So I'm 20 and I watched this a few months ago and I thought it was good. That was about it. But after listening to the episode, it helped me pick apart some of the nitty gritty things and I really appreciate that. As far as the movie, I would go a soft yes. It's a bit saccharine, and nostalgia is the main character rather than an even more childish Wil Wheaton.
  3. thewriterboy1416

    Episode 82: THEY LIVE

    I love John Carpenter films of all kinds. And I was excited to watch They Live for the first time recently because it's such a cult favorite. And I have to say I was truly let down by the film. Maybe it was my expectations but iPad not a fan of the movie. Now I will concede that the themes that Carpenter puts in the film are interesting and important but I just don't feel that this is the movie to put in the canon that has these themes. I understand why people like this movie, I'm not discrediting them by any means; I just feel that this movie is not satisfactory enough for me to vote yes in the canon. And so it goes for me to vote NO.
  4. thewriterboy1416

    Episode 79: THE USUAL SUSPECTS

    So the first time I saw this movie I knew the twist before it was revealed. But when I finished watching the movie I had forgotten about it and was so enthralled in the story telling that I was still shocked when the twist is revealed. This may be one of the best written films of the last 20 years and possibly ever. Singer's direction is excellent and the cast is really awesome (though on the recent rewatch I could not remember who was who aside from Spacey and Del Toro), this is a definitive yes for me.
  5. A classic Hong Kong film against a remake of said Hong Kong film that got Scorsese his Best Director Oscar. It would be the third Scorsese film up for consideration and (this is just my opinion) a slam dunk episode for Infernal Affairs.