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  1. Woman goes off on minor-PDA couple in Santa Monica restaurant https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uroJOzESKMA https://www.liveleak...=aa7_1490982861 Sorry it's not youtube exactly though I'm sure it'll get mirrored there shortly (will edit when it does). This is the cammer's original upload and the context for the confrontation is here: https://www.reddit.c...friend/dfnrsh7/ Aftermath: https://www.reddit.c...friend/dfofqsf/ (Link is dead? but you can read his reply in the link below) He answered a bunch of questions (if you use it and Matt has follow-up questions): https://www.reddit.c...hroawayfreakout
  2. A false flag/pseudo-ops conspiracy theorist in Toronto comes across a traffic accident and decides to "document" it: "(Gravely) This is how Mossad does it. They stage accidents around you." The first 45 seconds or so is mostly for the visuals/set up which Matt can describe pretty easily Highlights (apart from the false flags/anti-zionist rhetoric) : Enters damaged storefront with smoking vehicle in window as owner yells at him in another language (1:20) Accuses victim and good Samaritan of being Israeli crisis actors (3:00) Argues with a bystander who took issue with his approaching the victim (3:30) You can stop watching at 4:13. At that point, he appends the video of the accident he referenced earlier on but it's not interesting in any visual or audio way.
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7nClngy4-o4 It's not great for listeners but it ties to something Matt's discussed/debated before (Sun Kil Moon/Kozelek, GG Allin). You can read the full story here: http://exclaim.ca/mu..._from_returning but if you want a quick run through Pop punk band starts playing their last song Girl gets on stage to take selfie Singer notices, dropkicks her off the stage Video gets posted online Club notices and bans band from performing there again Dropkicked fan notices online debate/controversy, posts mea culpa and absolves the band (paraphrased: "I was being dumb, I knew the energy of the show, totally understand (and loved it, actually), after I got up, I moshed hard.")