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  1. You could be right? Although for some reason I feel like Kyle was only really still on about her sister right at the beginning of the season? And I'm glad she stayed out of that Munchausen thing. Everyone should've. Boring! But then again, I've always been a super hater of Kyle, so any improvement in her obviously makes a big impact on me, and maybe I'm giving her too much credit?
  2. Hey guys! I just want to put out a somewhat controversial statement, and I'd love to hear your thoughts; I believe that we have Jolander Foster Hadid née Munchausen to blame for the snooze-fest that was this season. If it wasn't for Miss Lyme Disease 2015 popping in every episode, and furthering the Munchausen storyline by asking every second character what all the ladies have been saying about her, and asking everyone what Munchausen was, we could've had something great. We were even still hearing about it while they were on holiday without her in that aquarium-riddled desert!! I just thought I'd mention that I had a good laugh when they got to the top of the Burj Khalifa, looked out over what can only be described as a giant dirt-filled construction site, and then marvelled at what an amazing view it was. Come on, you MUST have higher standards than that! This season we were graced with the presence of the incredible Erika Jayne and all that "patting the puss", and she proved herself more than worthy in every scene she was in. Always level headed, ready with a joke, with a great outlook on life, and a cut above the rest in the brains department, including Her Royal Highness Lisa Vanderpump. In my opinion, Erika is the greatest new Housewife since Sonja "Grey Gardens" Morgan (although I like Sonja for very different reasons). And with the addition of Kathryn in the mix, I saw the light when she had that minor confrontation with Faye Resnick (Just a side note, I'd like to see what race the ladies of Potomac would decide Faye is allowed call herself). We also had a great moment of Kathryn vs Mr Girardi. But we lost all of this potential because the entire season became about Jolander and her illness. For me, when I saw 6'2 lemon sitting nest to two past/fallen housewives, (both at the park with Kim and Brandi, and in the finale with Camille and Kim), everything felt right. She fits right in with the "former" and "friends of" crowd perfectly. It's like she's already gone. I would love to see her come back every so often, similar to Camille and Taylor, but not in the same capacity that she is now. Speaking of Camille, I miss seeing her dramatic entrances into every party, and would love some more of that next season. I miss that fast, aggressive, bouncy walk. I also wanted to mention that as a long time hater of Kyle, I am now turnt. I thought that Kyle would be nothing without Kim keeping her storylines going, but I was proven wrong. I was on her side at almost every turn this season, and the only times she would lose me would be when that voice would start to crack, and that single finger wrapped in a napkin would move toward the corner of her eye. Seeing her stand up to LVP (I guess we're all calling her that now?! When did this start?) at Kathryn's birthday party was truly a great moment for Kyle. Congrats Kyle. As for Kathryn, she got a big tick in my books for eating the camel. I found that incredibly disrespectful of all the ladies to not eat it. I was always taught to eat what has been cooked for you, whether you want to or not. I would maybe understand if they were vegan or vegetarian, but I don't think that's the case. Ungrateful, ladies. Ungrateful. Anyway, I digress. My main point is that there was so much more potential this season, and it was squandered by Jolander's storyline, whether that was her intention or not. I do truly want Jolander to get better, and I understand that she wanted to draw attention to an illness that she feels is under-represented, but I don't need or want that in my HWives. Still, I will of course be watching the reunion. PS Love the podcast!! I listen to it every week, and you guys never fail to have me in stitches. I'm so looking forward to watching this season of NY and hearing all your thoughts and controversial statements!