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    Episode 32 - All Bets Are Off

    YOU GUYS i am not done listening but i have to interrupt and say that if you go back a few seasons, you will see juicy joe's mother. you will say to yourself, HOW DID THIS BEAUTIFUL CATHERINE DENEUVE LEVEL lady have such a turd. and that is who gabriella looks like / takes after. bless her.
  2. wow, casey, thanks for this. read online kathryn tested positive for drugs recently...so dark. need to mention that my 7 month old now dances to the bitch sesh theme song while holding onto his crib bars. he drops his booty. it's amazing.
  3. http://www.dailymail...ng-husband.html tough..
  4. WOW YOU GUYS. what an episode. whenever you have june or deanna on, it really takes the episode to a new level for me, as i have noticed they analyze all of this stuff at the level i do. re: Instagram - Row for row: Posting this means asking someone to like a row of your photos on Instagram and you'll like one of their rows back. re: southern charm - i'm trying to find a .gif of burl ives screaming mendacity and i'm coming up empty. i am so scared to start watching because i cannot get hooked into any more of this insanity! but i do see that it is on hulu...oh boy. re: rhoc - ok so i've really been in & out with this show, and last week my husband was out of town and it was just me and the baby and while the baby took his naps, i completely devoured almost all of rhoc and really caught up AND WOW I HAVE SO MUCH TO SAY about everything. i have a. lot. of theories. is it wrong that i've always liked gretchen?? also i think vicki is satanic and possibly a pill head. and i love the dubrows. *yikes face* i am also obsessed with shannon beador and think her children are the best i've ever seen in the franchise. as my mother would say, they've been raised. anyway, i think you guys should consider devoting serious time to all things OC. there's so much more there. i'm thinking power episode with jessica chaffin, deanna, and june and you guys can just cover the past decade of the OC. it should be like a miniseries event. plz consider. re: rhny - i was actually shocked to see michael's behavior! up until this point, i thought he was a slightly sassier, off-hands, less beaten down version of one heather yummie tummie's husband. but the person on last night's episode was SHOCKING. when he was on his earbuds + iphone taking the selfie. wow. turns out jules was merely a kristen...i'm actually feeling personally hurt about it and i don't know what that says about me but i do like jules! luann is shockingly delusional. my heart goes out to carole. also you guys have not address the rhnj trailer, please rectify.
  5. in related news, RIP jules and michael's marriage
  6. WHAT R U SAYING this is why i pay for commercial free Hulu...I vaguely remember this moment. gonna try and find it
  7. You guys, please, make these episodes LONGER! Also it was Kim Richards. She thought she was pregnant with Bobo Tom Sizemore's baby, in what was some of the hardest footage of the Housewives!!! I need Mr. Cohen to start asking these women directly why they think they can have kids...I think he actually did call someone on that and they were like, haven't had the change yet!! Ok, it's a process. You're not getting pregnant. Tough stuff. Can we also acknowledge that Dorinda was WASTED by 20 to 5 PM when she lost her mind and said: IF NO ONE CAN BIDET DEMSELVES...Best slurred line read. Also she was like, I decorated, I made it nice! And it was just deranged Xmas tree shop everywhere. Were we celebrating her birthday.....? Can't get behind Dalls...not gonna, but I LOL'd at all commentary nonetheless.
  8. Okay, I loved this episode. Jessica Chaffin and I should be best friends. I didn't notice the simultaneous talking, but I come from a family with a similar conversation style.
  9. ChristinaPatricia

    Episode 20 - The Biggest Boob

    I've been meaning to post for a while... First of all, thank you, Danielle&Casey. You started this show right as my son was born, and I discovered it about a week postpartum. I needed you ladies in my life!! I've been obsessing about the housewives for years and forcing everyone in my life to watch and analyze it with me. For me, it started with the Jersey housewives and the insanity of Danielle Staub, which was wow. I'll never forget it. Remember when her daughter told her she was going to "mess herself up" when she crashed that party at the Manzos that no one invited her to? Anyway, I think at this point in my life, I much more relate and appreciate Rita's song / vid over Erika's. Wishing I had an evite waiting for me to go to Rita's place right about now. Re: Which Housewife am I. I'm a Bethenny. My friend calls me on that one a lot. Both Scorpios, both East Coasters, troubled familial hangups, cynical and quick quips, but sometimes too intense and judgey. I'm also a Caroline Manzo because I do not attempt glam and love being a mom and am no-nonsense. AND, I am as Italian as the Olive Garden, or whatever Teresa said about her in that cookbook...big diss!! Okay, I wanted to talk about other things from this Bitch Sesh, but I cannot stop thinking about Casey's story from her sorority years... I am not a prude or anything, and feel like I have lived a life but I literally find that story to be so SHOCKING. In my mind, it's just in its own category and I honestly do not have a word for that category. WOW. Thanks for a great ep, ladies... GIRLS NIGHT IN