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  1. I thought Sean was a particular selfless host this ep by taking the pressure off of Annaliese and giving it completely to Hayes. Good job by the Clem Dawg.
  2. I couldn't tell whether Amir was doing a bit when he sounded so frustrated toward the end and I like it that way.
  3. Update: I'm all caught up now. I for one respect Mike for at least admitting to Sean and Hayes that it was indeed 11am on a Saturday.
  4. Hey guys, new here. It's taken 4 1/2 months to catch up, and I'm still, like 5 eps behind, but hey I'll make it. A little bit about me: I tried to start a photo series called The Day in the Life of Lars von Trier where I would pose as him doing mundane things. The first photo was me opening a can of soup, showcasing some fresh "gauze" around my wrists. My dad freaked out and thought I had tried to kill myself without telling him. I discontinued the series after that. This is the picture. Actually looking back at it, three of my family members thought it was real. Oh well!