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  1. I tend to agree more with Amy, but she's just wrong here, and didn't have any compelling arguments to back her up. SE7EN belongs in the Canon. It was infuriating to listen to an argument where one side was on the defensive the whole time. I am fine with the more argumentative episodes, but those are only interesting when it's a fight; not a pummeling. Hopefully Amy will come back strong next episode with some of her trademark facts to back up her points. Also, it was hilarious hear Amy say "I don't like empty style. I like style with a purpose" when she started the episode off by singing the praises of MTV, which is famous for being just empty style.


    One thing I will give Amy credit for is she's gotten a lot better with the zingers back to Devin. When the show first started he would stump her a lot with his jabs. She's gotten pretty good giving them as good as he gave them this episode. Also, that Fox News Kennedy bit from Devin was pretty good.

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  2. Re-watched last night and agree this movie belongs in The Canon. One thing that struck me that I hadn't noticed before (I was 15) is that John Doe created this fake image of himself to be immortalized. The murders, the room, everything was constructed by him. He didn't even set out envying Brad Pitt. His plan would have been used on any detective that would have come along investigating the case. Don't have a pregnant wife? Have a son? A daughter? A parent? A friend? It could have been anybody's head in that box. Wrath was going to happen in response to his faux-envy.


    Coincidentally I happened to be watching The Simpsons and they parodied that cop's last day on the job thing back in 1991. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MOk4hQXbGDs

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