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  1. I've heard of carpet baggers and carpet bombers, but a carpet bonger?
  2. Kemosabe? I hardly even know-e!
  3. Shot through the heart and you're too late, I sure do hope that condom didn't break.
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  5. It's alright! It's ok! There's something to live for! Marlee Matlin told me so!
  6. "Welcome to Doctor Bing Bong, or how I learned to stop improvising and love the script"
  7. JaredGranda

    Episode 421 - I Got Your Results

    Am I the only one who thinks that Brock Stone is actually a well-spoken 12 year old boy who only looks and sounds like an adult due to his injecting various liquids into his pituitary glands?
  8. JaredGranda

    Suggestion: The Matrix

    I think The Matrix is the perfect film to be discussed for inclusion into The Canon. It was a major influence on the movies of the 2000's, basically designing a new blueprint for how blockbuster action sequences would be played out in the future, and its cultural impact is undeniable. The main reason I think it deserves its own episode on The Canon, however, is because it is a movie that is highly entertaining but also highly flawed, and it could be easily argued that the impact it had on the film industry was largely negative. I also know that Devin Faraci is an extreme supporter of the Wachowskis and The Matrix, and I'm very curious to see where Amy Nicholson's opinion falls in comparison to Devin's. Basically, not only does The Matrix deserve to at least be considered for The Canon, I think it would make for a very entertaining episode of The Canon.