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  1. MikeCalhoun

    Episode 250 β€” Podcast Silence

    Well, we can assume why Pete has never been back.
  2. MikeCalhoun

    Episode 240 β€” #TheWorldsEnd

    I want to see Goose and Gander in theaters yesterday!
  3. MikeCalhoun

    Episode 237 β€” Filipino Blockbuster

    At 35 minutes I'm confident Scott refers to the Engineer as "Bread".
  4. MikeCalhoun

    Episode 234 β€” Changing The Bandage

    I was really surprised at Bill Hader not wanting to play 'Would You Rather?'. Very strange.
  5. MikeCalhoun

    Episode 230 β€” Something for Everything

    Not to mention the first scenario had been used maybe 5 or 6 episodes back!
  6. MikeCalhoun

    Episode 228 β€” Acapella Cuddle Puddle

    What happened on that show?
  7. MikeCalhoun

    Episode 227 β€” All Farted Out

    Did anyone else catch that Scott said 'Nerd Poker' is one of his favorite podcasts, but about 4 episodes ago he had no idea what "For Glinishmore!" was?
  8. MikeCalhoun

    Episode 225 β€” Super Chums

    For Glinishmore!
  9. MikeCalhoun

    Episode 217 β€” The WTF Hour

    Interesting to hear? Yes. Could have done without? Yes. Has it changed my opinion on Maron? Sadly No. I just can't get into his kind of interview or nostalgia. It's like all my friends that only talk about the past and never do anything.
  10. This has to be one of my favorite episodes and I'm barely into the improv. I get excited every time I see Jean in an episode, she's consistently funny and one of my favorites. Janet's laugh alone makes me laugh, but she's also a brilliant improviser.
  11. MikeCalhoun

    Episode 176 β€” Out of Bleeps

    I desperately want Adomian's gross foodie character to return.
  12. MikeCalhoun

    Episode 169 β€” Immortal Mustache

    "I like Trump" - Jay Chandrasekhar Oh Marc Ma-Ron
  13. It's almost 2017 and The Dark still has yet to be turned off! Come on Spider-man!
  14. Scott gives it a "See Plus". Go See it, plus it was great.
  15. It spooked me too. The serious nature of the delivery
  16. MikeCalhoun

    Episode 108 β€” Pussy CPR

    How did no one pick up on the Sauce Boss song being a complete rip of Frank Zappa?
  17. MikeCalhoun

    Episode 6.1 β€” Sketches: Day 1

    Looking at this from the distant future is very interesting. Regardless of the denial of bias by earwolf, if I had to put money on which would be the winner, it would have been Totally Laime. Right choice in the end? Probably. But it almost seemed like they shouldn't have been in the contest to begin with, considering they pull people like PFT and Maron who are the podcast gods. But Besser coming out and just plain SAYING they are the front runners? That really raised my eyebrows. It seemed odd to say out loud.
  18. If nothing else, this show has made me really like Matt Besser.
  19. I love totally laime, but I feel like they shouldn't have been in the running. They had the good fortune of being able to pull huge names, so they should have already been signed, and the other nine should have competed.
  20. Yeah, I had to cringe at the "diplomatic" answer regarding superego. That was a terrible question for Matt to ask.
  21. I've been making my way through the catalogue for several months. This is an episode all other podcasts should strive to reach in quality. Pretty incredible to witness the transformation into CBB. And to think I watched my first episode of CBB on Netflix about three years ago, and only realized it was a podcast after listening to Spontaneanation non-stop and needing a new podcast.
  22. MikeCalhoun

    Episode 99 β€” Somethin' for Daddy!

    It's crazy that this episode is also famous because someone on iTunes apparently negatively reviewed the show and commented that they came to listen to Patton and were annoyed by "that guy that wouldn't stop talking", even after Patton had tweeted that Andy Daly makes him laugh like no one else can. Holy shit, in order for this episode to go that far over someone's head, they have to be an Alan Rickman slave Leprechaun.
  23. MikeCalhoun

    Episode 92 β€” How's Your Boner?

    Someone find that plugs theme!