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    Hey everyone

    Good to hear an update from you, Amy. I actually discovered you through The Canon when it first launched and I've loved your other podcast appearances and written work. I wasn't even a fan of Devin until around the debut podcast on Goodfellas, whose work I still mostly appreciate even after this week. Still, what transpired transpired and there's no going back on that. I'll listen if you come back and if not I understand. We're all here when you're ready to announce a decision.
  2. ThomasMariani

    Future of the Show?

    The irony of The Canon going down with a bunch of Letterboxd posts given Devin's hatred of the site seems bittersweet. Welp. On that note: http://letterboxd.com/silenttom/
  3. ThomasMariani

    The Canon Is On Hiatus

    It's a shame this is happening, but there are bigger matters that Amy, Earwolf and everyone else connected to Devin has to make it through. I'll say that this doesn't change any of Devin's insights, though it colors some of his behavior. All we can do in the meantime is respect everyone's processing through this, from victims of sexual assault to those who were unaware to even those who have a lot to deal with in terms of personal introspection. Best of luck to everyone going through this time. I'll probably use this hiatus to catch up on some episodes I skipped, this time with a perspective that may help open further cinematic thoughts but also some sort of direct thoughts. I would be curious to hear any further statements, so I'll hang around to see where things go. But if this is the end, it's been a good run.
  4. ThomasMariani

    Future of the Show?

    Welp, here's one mystery solved... http://birthmoviesdeath.com/2016/10/11/state-of-birth.movies.death
  5. ThomasMariani

    Future of the Show?

    So in case you weren't aware of the last 24 hours, this happened: http://www.dailydot.com/irl/devin-faraci-twitter-accusation/?fb=dd A lot seems to be up in the air in terms of the future of Birth Movies Death and other projects Devin was involved with, including The Canon. I'm not expecting answers over night, but there's a genuine question for anyone here: does this affect your ability to be engaged with the show anymore? Would you prefer Devin not be involved and have Amy try continuing this with someone else? Or does this just need to be canned altogether? Keep in mind that this should hopefully be a semi-civil discussion if we're going to have it at all. I for one love the format but would be more comfortable with hearing Amy talk with other film writers. I personally don't feel interested in hearing Devin anymore on the show. But what about the rest of you fans? This is a time for discussion... if this thread isn't removed by a moderator shortly after posting.
  6. ThomasMariani


    I'll go with a "Yes" on this for sure. I can get the divisive reception of Blair Witch Project, but as someone who saw it about a decade after it came out removed from the marketing it was still effective. Rewatching it, I definitely have issues with how annoying these people get at a certain point, but the escalating madness and small yet tactful use of mythology make it a unique beast for horror.
  7. ThomasMariani

    Homework: Labyrinth (1986)

    I would theorize a no from my end. As someone who enjoys it and revisited it earlier this year when Bowie passed, it's not a great movie. Probably Henson's sloppiest as a filmmaker. Dark Crystal on the other hand TOTALLY deserves Canonizing. Hell, Great Muppet Caper even deserves Canonizing more than Labyrinth.
  8. ThomasMariani

    Episode #90: PENNIES FROM HEAVEN

    A respectful NO for me. Agree with Devon about the miscasting with a Steve Martin, but also agree with Amy about it being a fascinating mess. Would probably say something like One From The Heart does a better job of this sort of idea.
  9. ThomasMariani

    Episode 85: BOOGIE NIGHTS vs TWBB

    Boogie Nights and There Will Be Blood are top tier PTA. While neither are my absolute favorites (I'm one of those Punch Drunk Love people), both show off his ability to juggle larger themes with nuanced human interaction flawlessly. I lean slightly more towards Boogie Nights, mainly for pacing and character reasons. Also will emphasize: just because something is more of a crowdpleaser doesn't mean it's any less worthy of being in The Canon than one that's apparently harder to make.
  10. Spurred by rewatching both in prep for the upcoming films with both heroes. Both are often considered the best of the earlier superhero era, so there's historical context to judge. Plus, would like to hear Devon's general hate for Singer's X-Men and/or Amy's thoughts on them in general.